Top Tools For Building Your Email List

Top Tools For Building Your Email List


Why Build An Email List?

If you don’t know why you should be building an email list already, check out this quote from the GetResponse Introduction to Email List Building below.

“Email marketing is effective and profitable, with an average ROI of 3,800% — that’s a return of $38 for each $1 spent. This applies to any type of business, industry, product, or service.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Now we know why let’s focus on how.

It’s worth pointing out that you can get things done more easily and quickly with the right tools in your email marketing tool belt.

In this article we will recommend some of the best top tools for building your email list, to get you started the right way.

Let’s go.


Top Tools For Building Your Email List


Top Tool 1 – A Good Email List Autoresponder

You simply must have a good autoresponder. There are two options open to you here which are subscribing to an autoresponder service or hosting your autoresponder software.

With an autoresponder service, you pay on a monthly or yearly basis to collect and compile your email list, send out email newsletters, and set up email automation for new subscribers.

Hosting your autoresponder software is much more tricky and will require some technical knowledge. If you have some knowledge of this then go for it but for everyone else, I would recommend you start with a subscription service.

You have to pay monthly for the service but there are no setup woes or technical hitches to slow you down and you can get dedicated support if you need it.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that your web hosting company may impose limits on the number of emails that you can send.

Weighing up the pros and cons, I can suggest a subscription service like GetResponse. I use this myself and have had no problems so far. I like the automation tools they offer. Great for building email flows for your leads or subscribers. Check out our GetResponse review for more info.

There are other good email service providers like AWeber that also offer similar services but my preference Getresponse.


You can get a GetResponse 30 Day FREE Trial Here




Top Tool 2 – A Quality Landing Page Service For Collecting Leads.

There are some online services and programs for creating squeeze pages and landing pages that can save you a lot of time when building your email list.

Some services will create your entire marketing or sales funnel easily for you. This includes opt-in and sign-up forms, one-time offer pages, download pages and thank you pages.

There are plenty of good services out there but I use Leadpages and can recommend it.

You can get a 14 Day Free Trial too, so you can try it before you buy.


5673 406395


Leadpages are a subscription service and charge a monthly fee but they will host all your pages for you. Leadpages integrates with most of the popular autoresponder services like Top Tip 1 email service – Getresponse.

Leadpages is very intuitive and you can design your complete, professional landing page or sales funnel in as little as 10 minutes! You may want to take more time to refine and perfect it.

You can check out our Leadpages Review 2020 – Is It the Best Landing Page Builder? article if you want a more thorough overview.

If you are using WordPress for your site and don’t want to go for something like Leadpages, you can take advantage of premium plugins and themes. You can produce great professional looking squeeze pages and landing pages using a premium theme like OptimizePress.


Top Tool 3 – Software for Email Capture

All good websites and blogs should be capturing email addresses and building an email list.

Assuming your site is built in WordPress, there are some great plugins that you can use to do this. There are a few good tools you can use for this, I like to use Thrive Leads.

You can create exit-intent pop-ups as well as banners, sidebar widget forms, and lots more. Highly recommended for capturing emails from content marketing and blog posts. 


Email Survey



Top Tip 4 – Software For Surveys

A good way to quickly get email subscribers for your email list is to run a survey on your blog or website.

Services like Survey Monkey offer a simple way to do this. Survey Monkey has a free version that collects 100 survey responses, this is recommended before buying the full product.

There are several other survey plugins available so get searching to find one that suits your ideas.


Top Tip 5 – Check Your Grammar Before Sending Your Email!

It’s okay to make some small mistakes now and again, you’re only human after all. I’m sure I’ve made a few writing this article!

An email that goes out with really bad grammar though, will not get a very good response. Most of the popular email autoresponder services will have a spellcheck functionality and some may check grammar on some level.

You can, however, ensure that your grammar is top notch and your emails are easily readable with tools like Grammarly.

You can install it quickly and easily as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

Each time you use the internet and type stuff, Grammarly will monitor your grammar and make suggestions to you. Saves you from silly errors and going back and rectifying your posts and emails later. This can speed up the process of building your email list and stop you from losing email subscribers due to silly grammatical errors.



Thank you for reading this article, hopefully, you found it some use and you are on the right path to successfully build your email list. Be sure to check out the Resources Page here, for more essential tools and services to build your business website or blog.

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