Is Facebook Advertising Dead?

Is Facebook Advertising Dead? The Full Facts Explained

Advertising your business on Facebook, have you ever thought of it? This thought raises the question of how successful the advertising would be if Facebook is a dead end? The modern Facebook platform tracks user’s interests, likes, and dislikes to match them with the appropriate advertising. 

As a whole, Facebook advertising is far from dead and contributes to over 85 percent of Facebook’s income. As long as you take some time to understand the platform, you will see that Facebook is one of the greatest digital marketing tools available to you.

Social media is one of the most vigorous forms of buyer contact and benefits the advertiser regarding time and cost. When marketers utilize some of Facebook’s tools and features, they can pinpoint ads that reach their target audience.  

It’s also worth mention that Facebook has roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users.

That’s Huge!

If you want to grow you can grow on Facebook. Let us take a look at why Facebook ads are far from dead in 2021.


Is Facebook Advertising Dead?

Currently, Facebook advertising is not dead. Considering their ingenuity for ad evolution, there is no funeral in their near future! 

At this time, Facebook offers eight creative ad platforms, including: 

  • Photo – Offers a straightforward format, including your choice photo, which you can create directly from your Facebook page. You can include a post with your image to let the reader know what you have to offer. Photo ads are great for promoting physical products.
  • Video – The use of sound, sight, and movement. Your video ad can be short or long to suit your needs. Whether your ad is ten seconds or ten minutes long, you will be able to catch the attention of your audience. Great for product demos and generating hype.
  • Stories – A customizable user experience that will help draw the watcher into your story. This ad presents well on a phone as it provides a comfortable field of view for the user. Good for showing how services can benefit people.
  • Messenger – The messenger ad begins a dialogue when the user clicks on a picture. It engages a potential client by conversing with them one on one. Becoming more of a thing, especially with chatbots.
  • Carousel – Create your picture ad with up to ten images or videos, each having its link. This ad is a wise choice if you sell multiple products. Facebook can optimize your traffic by rearranging the order of your pictures. Suitable if you have numerous different images you want to use.
  • Slideshow – These ads include motion, text, and sound. They are easy to create with your photographs used to build your story. This choice is not as costly as video and can be accomplished quickly. Similar to a carousel.
  • Collection – This ad allows browsing to see what you have to offer and, choosing specific products to learn more about. It provides an introductory video or still shot with three smaller images underneath. This ad can be used for one or multiple products. 
  • Playables – This ad lets people have an interactive experience before downloading an application. It allows the client to try the game or application before purchase. Good for apps.


As you can see, Facebook ads are alive and kicking. You have many choices to use to help boost your business. 

That’s without even talking about the Facebook Pixel, and the considerable return on ad spend (ROAS) it can deliver! Will save that for another post.


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Do Facebook Ads Work?


Facebook ads work. 

There are many different types of ads, and certain ones are better than others, depending on your goal.

There are many factors to consider, including: 

  • The type of ad creative
  • The format of the ad
  • The location of the ad is shown
  • The creative elements of the ad, like the copy.


Many online advertising campaigns have been calculated through paid advertising CTR (click-through rate). This rate is the total times an ad is clicked per 1,000 impressions. A single ad viewed by someone on Facebook or Instagram is called an impression. 

The goal is for your ad to reach your “relevant audience.” People are more inclined to purchase something because they see an ad on Facebook that resonates with them.

Facebook has about one billion users, and it has achieved massive scale. As a result, marketing messages can be propagated on a scale more significant than any other in the history of online media! You have room to grow on Facebook.


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Will Facebook Ads Still Work In 2021?

Again yes, didn’t you read the above?

Facebook ads are targeted to the appropriate age, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes of the viewer. With this baseline criteria, people will click, open, and watch. Facebook is a user-friendly site that will help you create the perfect ad that will encourage sales. 

Facebook advertising is worth the time and cost, which averages $.06 to $3.50 per click. Even though it has several competitors, Facebook is still a platform of behemoth proportions. Nevertheless, the product still works and is worth looking to see what Facebook ads can do for you.

Effective Facebook ads are ideal for helping you link with people interested in what you have to offer. 

Unfortunately, there are only a few reasons why Facebook ads may not work. 

These include:

  • Trying to send the message to the wrong audience
  • Content that is either substandard or ineffective
  • Poor budgeting


The main factor in a successful Facebook ad is to know who you are targeting and act accordingly. 

On Facebook, you can utilize complex interest targeting options, which means you have more control over who sees your ads. You really want your ads to be shown to people that are most likely to click on them, and Facebook does an excellent job at doing this.


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What Happened To Info And Ads On Facebook?

The info and ads were designed to allow anyone on Facebook to see the active ads and obtain more information about the page. In addition, people could click on the interactive variables of the ads. Still, particular features, such as likes, comments, or shares, were not available.

They improved the material about Pages with a Page Info Section that displayed further contexts, such as the date the page was made and recent name changes. 

The goal is to provide people with more information concerning what they see on Facebook. For example, when you viewed the Info & Ads tab, you would see all active Facebook ads. There was a panic when people thought this page was removed. 

However, the Info & Ads tab was not deleted; it was just moved. You can now navigate to the new Facebook ad library and search the brand you are looking for to find this data.


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Facebook ads are far from dead, and they are relevant, robust, and engaging. 

Facebook’s business ads contribute to the bulk of their income. Therefore, you should consider using Facebook to maximize your digital marketing campaigns.

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