Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It Now?

Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It Now? The Numbers Compared

You may be an online influencer or blogger who makes posts reviewing popular items on Amazon. Upon searching for methods to expand your income, you may have come across the suggestion of becoming an Amazon affiliate. But, pondering, you may be wondering to yourself, “Is becoming an Amazon affiliate worth it?”

In general, becoming an Amazon affiliate is still worth it. Within thirty days of being an Amazon affiliate, you can generate extra income on top of what you already make. However, the income you make as an Amazon affiliate can differ from month to month.

It is also worth knowing that Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate marketing network with over 900,000 active affiliates, according to this 99firms article.

Keep reading to find out if having an Amazon affiliation is still worth it to you, the pros and cons of becoming an Amazon affiliate, the steps you can take to become an Amazon affiliate, and steps to boosting your Amazon sales.


Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It Now?


The Numbers Compared

In April 2020, Amazon affiliates received an email stating cuts on the affiliate commission rates.

Not all of the Amazon categories are being affected by this, but some of the changed commission rates include: 


Category Original Commission Rate  “New” Commission Rate 
Grocery 5% 1%
Amazon Fresh 3% 1%
Health and Personal Care 4.5% 1%
Beauty 6% 3%
Baby Products 4.5% 3%


To some, becoming an Amazon affiliate is still worth it despite the possible inconsistency of a month-to-month income. Still, to others, that instability can become a waste of time.

Like with everything else, there are pros and cons when deciding something that could impact you financially.


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Amazon pros vs cons


Amazon Affiliate Pros vs Cons

Let’s briefly cover some pros for becoming an Amazon affiliate today.




You Have a Wide Range of Options To Promote

Whatever you feel would interest both you and your audience, you will be able to find it on Amazon with the ability to promote it.

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms that sell various items, some that you would never think that they would have. Once you find your niche, you will be able to promote and recommend it to your followers.


Amazon Is A Well-Known Trusted Shopping Platform

Amazon is one of the most well-trusted and even better, well-known and popular online shopping websites. A follower can click your affiliate link and have no hesitation about whether or not Amazon could be trusted.

The familiarity of Amazon leaves people comfortable when clicking on your affiliate link to check out a product.


The Ability To Get Commissioned Even If There Isn’t A Purchase

Not all of the commissions that you make through your affiliate link have to come from the actual purchase from the consumer.

Just from a single click, there is a chance to earn a commission from what the person has in their shopping cart within a 24-hour window from anything they buy from the website, which is unheard of from other affiliate programs. 

If you had an affiliate link for cleaning products and instead, that someone decided that they wanted to purchase something gaming-related, it wouldn’t matter. Because they clicked on your affiliate link, you get a commission from what they’ve purchased in their cart even if they didn’t specifically buy from the product that was linked.

Understandably, this all sounds very complicated, but this is an added benefit that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get anywhere else. It is rare and unorthodox for other affiliate programs to be doing such a thing. 


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Here are some cons you may want to know about before becoming an Amazon affiliate.




Low Commissions 

Compared to other affiliate programs, the commissions for an Amazon affiliate are on the lower end. In April of 2020, Amazon let it be known to their affiliates that they would be cutting down their commission rates

For some products, the commission was initially 8% cut down to 3%. Other items like beauty products were had a 5.5% commission cut down to 3%.


Amazon Has Strict Rules That Could Get You Banned

Amazon has strict rules, but if you, even if it is unintentional, could end up getting banned from becoming an affiliate. 

Some of the things that could get you banned from being an Amazon affiliate include: 

  • Sending affiliate links through email. You are not allowed to do any sort of promotion outside of where you are originally supposed to be putting your affiliate links. 
  • Using your own affiliate link to an online shop for yourself. To use your own affiliate link to get a deal for something that you are wanting results in an automatic ban. 
  • Falsely using other users Amazon reviews, as if they were your own. Copying and pasting someone else’s reviews is blatant plagiarism and can lead to a quick ban from the affiliate program. 
  • Forgetting to mention that you are an affiliate. Whether or not this is unintentional, you can easily get banned if you do not mention on every single video, or blog post, in which you are attempting to sell Amazon items that you are an Amazon affiliate. 


Amazon Does Not Allow Certain Payment Systems 

Despite this being a popular payment system, Amazon does not accept PayPal as a payment system. The reason is that PayPal was linked to eBay, a competitor with Amazon, and despite becoming an independent brand, it is still being used with eBay as opposed to Amazon. 

People who are affiliate with Amazon cannot reap as many benefits, especially those who live outside of the US.


How to become and affiliate


How To Become An Amazon Affiliate? 

Signing up to become an Amazon affiliate is a speedy and simple thing to do. It is so easy that it can take less than fifteen minutes to complete. 

There are very few easy-to-follow steps on how to complete the sign-up process of becoming an Amazon Affiliate:

  • Step 1: To find the Amazon affiliate page, it is at the bottom of the home page that says, “Become an Affiliate Link” 
  • Step 2: After clicking that page is where you sign-up to become an Amazon affiliate. 
  • Step 3: It will ask you for a verifiable email address or mobile number, so that once you are done signing up you will receive either a phone call or link to verify whichever you provided. 
  • Step 4: During the signing up process you will be asked other questions about your website and how much traffic you are getting from it. 
  • Step 5: After answering those questions you will choose how you want to be paid and there are three payment options:
    • Check 
    • Amazon gift card 
    • Direct deposit (this would not be available for international affiliates) 
  • Step 6: After that, you are given access to the Associates platform on the website where you can get your desired affiliate links for whatever your niche is. 


Now that we know how to become an Amazon affiliate let’s look at how to boost your Amazon affiliate sales.


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Eight Tips To Boosting Your Amazon Affiliate Sales

Due to the low commission rates, or low clicks, it can be easy to become discouraged from becoming an Amazon affiliate. Maybe you’re not sure how to boost your sales and aren’t sure where to get the advice from or what book to read. 

An example of a book on Amazon affiliation that can help you with the struggle to boost your sales is Amazon Affiliate: Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Now, let’s get into eight tips to boost your Amazon affiliate sales.


Stick To A Niche That Matches Your Targeted Audience 

Stick to a niche that matches your intended targeted audience but that also has a mass consumer demand. Linking different products that are not within the same niche could only confuse your followers, with them being unsure of what your website is really focused on. 

So, for example, if you are a tech website or channel, only have an affiliate link for tech products. 


Use “Eye-Popping” Keywords And Phrases

Use phrases or keywords that are eye-catching to the consumers. Think outside the box of general phrases or keywords, and think of ones that people would likely lean towards when they are close to purchasing a product. Again, this is a chance for you to get a higher commission rate. 

An example of this is if a consumer were to look for a skincare product, some phrases could include: 

  • “Skin Products for Dry, Oily, Skin”
  • “Best Skin Products”
  • “Skin Products Under $100”


Now, let’s move on to the next tip for earning more as an Amazon affiliate.


Use The 90-Day Cookie Technique

A trick to avoid the 24-hour cookie window when someone clicks your affiliate link is to have them click the link that automatically directs them to their Amazon cart. This is a trick that can be done to lengthen the cookie time. This way, if they do or don’t buy the product, you get a commission (a bit more than you would’ve with the 24-hour cookie). 

It is recommended that this be tested out first as it does not work well with every niche. 




Produce Quality Content That Gain Attraction 

Create a quality website and the content surrounding it to gain traction. Better and more quality content means that you rank better on search engine websites, and the more clicks you will receive on your website. Create a website that is of your taste but also makes sense of what your niche is. 


Be Honest, and Fair, When Comparing Products

Be truthful when you compare one product versus the other. It is better to be transparent to have a long-standing rapport versus being dishonest, even if it is a white lie. Try to convince the consumer of what you’re saying through your unbiasedness. 

The more honest you are, the better chance the consumer will purchase through your affiliate link based on your recommendation. 


Write Amazon Reviews 

Write Amazon reviews on their websites on the page of the product that you are reviewing. This is a way to influence a consumer’s decision based on your and others, personal experience with the item. It is said that people tend to trust peer reviews more than outside, personal recommendations, boosting your commission rate.


Find Your Niche Products That Have The Best Reviews 

Figure out your niche and find the products that have the best reviews and star ratings. Then, with careful thought and consideration, do not choose too many products. People think twice when they see less than three star-rating and mostly bad reviews, and giving a consumer too many choices can quickly overwhelm them. 


Create YouTube Videos 

Create a YouTube channel as another source of a following. Having a YouTube channel gives you the chance to create videos related to the affiliate link you would be linking down below. Statistically, “over 1.3 billion people watch almost 5 billion YouTube videos every day”, so you are likely to garner a large following creating and uploading relatable content. 


Conclusion (TLDR)

Now you know the pros and cons of becoming an Amazon affiliate and if it is still worth it or not. You also know how easy it is to sign up for the programs and the steps to do so. You also know eight tips on how to boost your Amazon affiliate sales. 

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the Blue Sky Funnel blog for more.


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