How To Do Inbound Marketing

How To Do Inbound Marketing – 7 Actionable Tips

Traditional marketing can cost megabucks and is definitely not practical for small businesses. That is why inbound marketing has become the clear choice for many startups and entrepreneurs today.

As you probably know, conventional marketing involves things like cold calls, radio ads, TV ads, and so on.

Inbound marketing focuses on:

  • Increasing organic traffic to a website
  • Getting people to sign up for your email list through an opt-in form
  • Publishing blog content with valuable information


Get inbound marketing right, and you will see an explosion of subscribers, leads, and customers!

According to WritersblockliveInbound marketing is ten times more efficient for lead conversion.

That’s something I want to know about!

So now you are probably wondering – ok, so what’s the inbound marketing secret to skyrocketing your business to the moon? 

How To Do Inbound Marketing

Below are seven actionable tips, that if followed, will ensure your inbound marketing produces impressive results. I have seen remarkable results after using these tips and know you will as well. 


#1 – Offer A Free Guide That Ties Into Your Business

You have probably seen it a million times by now. You go to a website and see an offer giving away a free guide filled with resources related to what the website’s focus is on. 

These are a surefire way to get more people onto your email list and potentially turn them into customers.


Give Your Giveaway An Attention-Grabbing Title

I’m a massive fan of free guide giveaways, especially ones that provide tremendous value. 

So you can make sure to title these something very catchy like:

  • The Beginner’s Guide To…
  • The Ultimate Guide For… 
  • The Definitive Guide To…


You would then place the relevant keyword or topic after one of the above to hook people in and intrigue them enough to want to know more.

Ideally, you will make these guides a few thousand words in length. Make these your lead magnet that brings in massive amounts of organic traffic from search engines like Google. 

Unsure of what to write a guide on? 

Head over to Google and search for topics relating to your business and use the word “guide” as part of the keywords when searching. You are bound to see some great quality content that could inspire writing a guide of your very own.


how to guide Free Guide


#2 – Focus On 1 Or 2 Optimized Keywords

One of the most essential things about inbound marketing is that inbound is heavily reliant upon search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to the topic of SEO, there is A LOT that could be said. 

However, one of the most important aspects of it is keywords. If you want any sort of meaningful traffic, you will need to use optimized keywords in your content.

Only relevant keywords are going to get you the traffic you’re looking for. So don’t take the shotgun approach and stuff a ton of keywords into your content and think that this is going to work well. 

Only pick one or two amazing keywords and focus the bulk of your content around them.

To pick the best keywords, you need to think like someone searching for something online. What are they writing into a search engine? 

Here are a few keyword tips to consider:

  • Avoid generic and highly common keywords like “iPhone.”
  • Use a less-common keyword (a keyword could be a few words strung together) and build up your ranking for it
  • Avoid trying to rank for too many keywords
Optimized Keywords

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#3 – Develop A Brand

When you connect and engage with your audience, you are more likely to get their business. This is where developing a brand comes in. 

Startups are especially going to reap the rewards of having a personal brand. Think of all of the new startups that have a single person who is essentially the company’s face and brand. They are seen as visionaries and innovative leaders and are a marketing tool on their own. 

Developing a personal brand makes sense considering it will be next to impossible to remove yourself from your business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. 

Do not underestimate the power that a personal brand has! 


#4 – Engage With Your Audience On Social Media

No guide on how to do inbound marketing is complete without talking about social media. If your business doesn’t have an active presence on social media in 2021, it is definitely lagging behind your competitors. 

This is because people use social media apps more than anything else on the internet. In fact, most people, when surveyed, say they are more likely to become a paying customer of a brand if they were recommended by someone on social media.

Social media isn’t the best for converting people into buyers, however. Email and search engine traffic are still king when it comes to that. 

It’s worth remembering that when you engage with people on social media, you will improve your brand’s image, which can help get you more leads and sales in the long run. 


How to Engage People on Social Media

There are a few key ways you can engage with people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

To engage on social media, do the following;

  • Ask your audience questions in your posts
  • Answer questions people ask
  • Respond to replies on your posts
  • Like comments that people make on your posts


Doing these things will boost your brand’s image in the eyes of the public, which will end up improving your brand’s online reputation and standing in your niche.





#5 – Add An Email List Popup To Your Site

While website popups are sometimes sparking controversy, the truth is that they actually do work. 

Popups for signing up for email lists are not the same kind of annoying popup ads that you may sometimes see elsewhere. 

Kept small and subtle, email opt-in popups are incredibly powerful and effective in building up your business.


How To Use Email List Popups Correctly

The key to using an email opt-in popup on your site is to keep it clear and simple. Ask people to add their email address and maybe their name, and that’s it. 

Of course, you can have your free guide giveaway here as well to incentivize people to give you their email addresses. 

Email opt-in forms can have a significant impact, so don’t shy away from using this powerful inbound marketing tool!


#6 – Get Involved In Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great inbound marketing strategy. This involves submitting blog articles to other sites that are aligned with your business.

Reasons why you should consider guest blogging when it comes to inbound marketing;

  • Receiving high-quality links back to your website 
  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Build up your personal brand authority


Here’s another benefit of guest blogging: increased clout.

After getting an article published on a well-known site, you get to place their logo on a landing page on your own site. 

This adds credibility and prestige to your brand and will make you look important and respected. 


guest blogging



#7 – Host a (Free) Webinar

People like getting content for free. However, it also helps them decide whether to pay you for your products and services at some point. 

Hosting a free webinar is one of the most popular methods startups use to entice people to become paying customers.

A webinar will give you the opportunity to show off your brand’s personality. It may also lead to people gaining more value out of the information you provide them than a written guide would. 

Let’s face it; people have short attention spans and enjoy watching something over readingSo give people what they want!

You don’t need to call this a webinar, either! You can opt to use a term like “Training” instead. Whatever you decide to call it, a free webinar will help you skyrocket leads by asking for an email address and name to access the video content. 

People tend to be much more open to providing their name and email address when a webinar is involved. So definitely consider following through by holding a webinar related to something valuable your business can offer people.


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Inbound Success

There you have it! These seven actionable tips for how to do inbound marketing will help your business grow far beyond it would without them. 

Now that you know how to do inbound marketing, pick one area and focus on mastering it for a few months. After that, check-in and see what kind of impact it made on your business. You can then adjust your inbound marketing strategy accordingly. 

Thanks for reading; check out the blog for more digital marketing content.

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