How Much Do Native Ads Cost?

How Much Do Native Ads Cost? – Super Fast Guide

Advertisements, or ads, are essential tools for promoting your brand, service, or products to people who have high tendencies liking your offer— your Target Audience.

In recent times, new trends in digital marketing have made popular a form of advertising known as native ads. You have probably been wondering what native advertising is and how much do native ads cost?

The cost of native ads can start from as little as $10 per campaign on the low end, with no limit other than your ad budget on the high end. Many digital native ads providers do have a minimum deposit amount of $100+, with some providers using CPC (cost per click) and others using CPM (cost per impressions) pricing.

Before we fully discuss native ads and how much they cost, it would be best to touch on advertisements in general and how they can benefit your brand.


Why Are Ads Important?

In addition to expanding your reach, successful ads will increase profit margin and boost your brand’s recognition.

Your choice of ads is a critical element in your marketing campaign because it can make-or-break your set goals — especially in publicity and building credibility among competitors.

This brings us to yet another important and commonly asked question…


how much do Native Ads Cost


Which Ad Format Should I Use?

There are many ad formats and platforms out there. They all suit different purposes. How about we take a look at some of them?

Banner Ads

To make banner ads a success, you need quality graphics and a compelling call to action (CTA) to make potential customers view and click your ads. As the name implies, banner ads are those “banner-like” ads that pop up at the bottom or top of your screen, when you are browsing a website.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads usually start as regular banner ad and later takes up the whole screen. Often, they are intended to overcome the issue of “banner blindness.”
Banner blindness is where users no longer notice banner ads because they have seen them one-too-many-times and have become accustomed to them.
The chances are that you have come across interstitial ads at one time or the other.

Other formats of ads include video ads, playable ads, and native ads.


What Are Native Ads?

People find random ads that pop up to be intrusive and resort to using ad blockers, or worse, exiting the website feeling it’s just too spammy.

It may interest you to know that in 2017, publishers in the United Kingdom lost at least 3 billion pounds in revenue because of adblocking. Because of the increase in the use of ad blockers, native ads have gained more popularity among publishers, advertisers, and content consumers.

Native ads are interactive ads that are integrated with content. The idea is to make them less noticeable and less intrusive. In addition to their subtlety, their seamless integration allows content consumers to enjoy a smooth flow of content, which can mean higher engagement rates for advertisers.

Of course, publishers are not left out. They get more CPMs and higher ad revenues. Native ads are a win-win!




Native Ads Are Useful On Any Platform

Native ads fit perfectly for mobile, social media, and video advertising. Here are some statistics that show how much native ads have grown and their benefits.

According to Media Radar, native display ads can boost click-through rates (CTR) by 8.8X higher than traditional display ads. Interestingly, native ads get 53% more views than their traditional counterparts.

But that’s not all!

With native ads, you can get up to 71% of consumers to identify with your brand. Instead of the 50%, you would have gotten from display ads.


What Do These Statistics Mean?

These trends and figures are indications that native advertising is gaining traction, and you don’t want to miss out. As an advertiser, you need an effective way to deal with the increasing number of adblocking users and the “banner blindness” phenomenon.

Leverage the power of native ads.

You now know the power of native ads. They don’t look or feel like ads. They are subtle, non-intrusive, and helpful. Think of incognito advertising.

In 2021, native advertising is expected to drive ad revenue by 74%.


How To Price Native Advertising On Websites

One of the benefits of native advertising is that it helps in building brand visibility. Getting your ads integrated into famous editorial and publications can speak volumes of your brand’s credibility.

The premium publicity that native advertising provides does, however, carry a price tag — and it has many people asking, how much do native ads cost?

Think about how much it would cost to get your ads published in popular outlets like The New York Times or The Washington Post?

Usually, publishers will charge you based on the quality of the post they will deliver and the audience’s value. While you are at it, remember not to compromise reader engagement and creativity because they are essential for brand engagement.

You should also have it at the back of your mind that native advertising prices are competitive. It would be best if you have a pricing model to go by. Depending on which publisher you are dealing with, different publishers offer different native ads pricing. While some publishers charge advertisers per article or offer more extensive packages, others use complicated models.

Sponsored content often gets published at $200 to $500 per native ad article. As mentioned earlier, advertisers can opt for larger packages that can cost anywhere between $500 to $1000.

Other factors that can affect the pricing of your native advertising include:

1. Who Is Developing Creative Content?

It’s either your team or the publisher’s team that develops the creative for the sponsored content. If you opt for the publisher to create the content, you will be charged for premium content and production cost.

2. Where Is Your Native Ad Going To Appear?

Compared to most local publishers who don’t offer your ads’ cross-platform publication, you should expect to pay more for a cross-platform digital publisher. Another factor to consider is the number of fans across the social media channels where your native ads will be published.

More fan base means more readers and engagement — and if your content is creative enough, you can expect more clicks and conversations.

Inés Pacheco, Buzzfeed’s director of business operations, was quoted to have said, “Native Ads are our Bread and Butter.” You will also agree that everything about native ads equals more revenue for the publishers, fun and easy read for content consumers, and increased visibility for advertisers.

Oh! Like we mentioned earlier, the cost of native advertising isn’t fixed, and neither is it a one size fits all thing. Some publishers charge higher fees than others, depending on what they are offering.
All you have to do is ask the right questions and don’t be quick to accept whatever price is thrown at you.

You can always negotiate better deals without compromising the quality of the ads and distribution.


Online native ads


What Are Online Native Advertising Costs?

Before we conclude our discussion, we would like to let you in on some guide to online native advertising costs. Every digital advertising platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, there are tons of ad formats, campaign strategies, and performance metrics to help you track and assess your advertising campaigns.

Let’s take a peek at the advertising costs on three of the most popular online advertising platforms —
Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.

We are just going to take a look at the average costs of advertising on these platforms.

Google AdWords

Compared to ads on display networks, which cost $0.58, an average Google Ad will cost $2.32. The average cost per action (CPA) for google advertising is $59.18, and the most expensive keywords in both Google and Bing ads is at least $50 per click.

Lastly, the average small business spends up to $10,000 per month on Google advertising with an annual online campaign budget of between $100,000 to $120,000.

Facebook And Instagram Ads

The average cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA) on Facebook cost $1.72 and $18.68, respectively. While the cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) on Facebook ads cost around $10, CPM for an Instagram ad hovers about $5.


Wrapping Up

Native advertising is paid content, and they cut across articles, videos, and infographics or amongst other digital content.

Some native advertising ideas include:

  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Sponsored influencer content
  • Sponsored widgets on online publications
  • Sponsored editorials
  • Paid search and promoted listings.
  • With Native Advertising, Your Potential Reach is Greater!

Native ads should blend seamlessly and organically with the content in social media feeds or web pages. They are great for your top of a sales funnel and can pique the interest of potential customers. Collect these potential customer’s emails on your landing pages to build your email lists. This allows you to follow up after the initial engagement and get an even better return on your investment in native ads.

If you get your native ads correctly, you will deliver custom content with a high click-through-rate (CTR). Get on board this train and make your brand go viral.

Thanks for reading.

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