How Long Should A Landing Page Be? The Definitive Answer

How Long Should A Landing Page Be? The Definitive Answer

Your landing page length is one of the most frequently argued questions within the realm of social media marketing. Of course, reputable companies make good arguments on both sides of the equation. But as you try to create the best funnel for your potential lead, you may find it helpful to have a clear, precise philosophy on creating the highest conversion rates possible. However, there is a definite answer to how long should a landing page be?

The length of a landing page will depend on the target audience. Shorter landing pages tend to attract hot leads or those already familiar with your service or product. Longer landing pages with more information are more necessary for cold leads new to your service or product.

While there is no one-size-fits-all template for landing pages, an evaluation of your potential clients and their backgrounds will give you invaluable information on how to construct it. So let’s take a look at some of the particular factors in play.


How To Determine Landing Page Length

The cardinal rule of any landing page is establishing what you are trying to get the page viewer to do. This call to action you want people to take on your landing page must be shown as clearly and concisely as possible.

With that said…

Your call to action and the ultimate length of your landing page often depend on the “temperature” of the audience you are trying to reach. This is determined by how familiar the potential client is with the product or service you are selling. 


Hot Leads


Landing Page Length For Hot Leads

You have a “hot” lead if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • They have purchased from you before
  • They have engaged with you on previous funnels you have set up
  • They frequently engage with you on your business’s social media page(s)

If these are the case, your landing page needs to present the following:

  • Clear Call to Action – Again, this is universal for any landing page at any time. But even your hot leads need to know exactly what they are getting and how they can get it.
  • Short Copy Describing What the Product/Service Is – Your hot lead already knows about you and your business, and they are likely very aware of what it is they are getting. Your copy simply needs to state succinctly that they are on the right landing page by giving them the name of the product and clear instructions for how to proceed.
  • Distinct and Easyto-Find “Call to Action” Button – Likely, you will be asking hot leads to buy a product, so you will want to make sure your PayPal, Apple Pay, credit card, etc. options are easily spotted AND has a very obvious submit button.
  • Make Sure to Direct Them to a ThankYou Page – It is very easy to forget the need for building those valuable client relationships as you create each funnel. It is ALWAYS good to make sure that, when a client performs your call to action, they are directed to a page that has a short and sincere thank you message that values their business with you. You will want them to buy from you again, so always keep that in mind!



Landing Page Length For Warm Leads

Warm leads can fall on a wide spectrum of areas, from those on e-mail lists to those very familiar with your product/service but haven’t purchased any large items or made any signs of strong commitment. 

There are a couple of potential scenarios here which have different impacts on the length of your landing page:

  • Pitch a Smaller Product or a Shorter Commitment – One of the ways to move your warm lead into a solid hot lead is to entice them to move from being a follower to being an actual customer. One of the best strategies for succeeding at this is to pitch a less expensive product or, in the case of a membership or subscription, a low-cost, low-commitment plan. This generally requires short copy and a captivating image with a clear call to action.
  • Make a Riskier, Larger-Scale Pitch – There are some products/services (e.g., travel agencies, furniture dealers, etc.) for whom it is hard to scale a lead from a follower to a paying client with smaller commitments. If you are advertising more expensive items, your copy will need to be longer to address any potential concerns or reservations the lead may have.



Landing Page Length For Cold Leads

A cold lead is someone who has little if any knowledge of your existence, let alone the product/service you are selling. You will RARELY move a cold lead instantly into a paying client, so you want to strategically think about how your landing page can help guide the lead into the next step of the process.

Here are a couple of suggestions:


Signing Up For An E-Mail List 

Despite the overabundance of e-mail flooding people’s inboxes, e-mail marketing remains a good strategy for helping to bring people into a deeper knowledge of your company. 

A landing page that asks you to sign up for an e-mail list (or like a Facebook page) should contain your company’s name, what you do (short but clear copy), and some images that can draw people’s attention. In this case, shorter is better for asking people to become followers and moving them to the next level of information.


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Full-Blown Introductions 

Another effective strategy is to lay your company out in one long-winded landing page. The same rules apply to the warm long-copy page, WITH THE EXCEPTION that you are not trying to sell to a cold lead. 

This is a great approach if you have a company that offers something no one else may have seen, you’ve won any awards or accolades that you can brag about, or you have an incredible story that will attract people to what you are selling. 




Final Tips For Creating Optimal Landing Pages

The following are a few tips to keep in mind as you start to design and write copy for your landing page:


Address The Lead’s Potential Objections And Questions

While this applies to any major purchase or commitment for any lead, a good rule for copy length is that it should be long enough to address any potential questions or objections to the product/service that the lead may have. In these cases, your copy MUST be well-written and clearly address each of the potential questions or objections. 

Copy should ALWAYS be efficient and relevant. But this does NOT mean that it always has to be short. This is particularly important for warm and cold leads who have not fully bought into you or the company that has hired you to do their marketing.


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Imagine yourself as the person surfing the web. You see your product or service. What draws you into looking further at it?  What would convince you that you need this product right here and now?  What about this product/service is too good to be true?  What would make you decide you need to get this right here and now?

There are tons of questions that can be asked, but walking through as many of these potential questions as you can help you shape your landing page in a way that both draws attention AND convinces a lead that this is something worth their investment. 


Include A Strong Opener

A strong opening sentence or paragraph is key to enticing the lead to read further. Long copy can be extremely effective when it is coherent and focused exclusively on the offered product or service. If it is not, it will assuredly be something that people will close out before they even finish your initial paragraph.


Break The Landing Pages Up

One last tip to remember is that landing pages are smaller pieces of a larger funnel. In other words, you can always break up your “pitch” into different divisions of the funnel. Each landing page of the funnel is designed to get you to move toward the next step in the funnel.


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Unless your copy is very short, it is a good idea to place your ultimate call-to-action (in other words, the final action you are trying to direct the lead to do) as a landing page by itself.

This is particularly true for purchase information. For example, marketing studies have shown that people are more likely to submit their credit card information when it sits alone on a page by itself in a funnel rather than at the bottom of the primary copy landing page. 


TLDR – Conclusion

With a thoughtful and strategic approach to knowing your leads and excellent copywriting, your landing pages will flourish whether they are shorter or longer. 

Cut out the fluff, say what needs to be said, put images that attract leads to view and read further, and parcel up the landing pages into a logical and easy-to-follow sequence within the funnel. If you do these things, you will find yourself on the way to more leads and cheaper conversion costs! 

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, you now know more about perfecting your landing pages in your sales funnels. Check out the Blue Sky Funnel Blog for more.


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