How Long Do Facebook Ads Take To See Results?

How Long Do Facebook Ads Take To See Results?

When you have a business, it is a smart idea to advertise on social media. Social media is the least expensive way to promote your business. 

When you make a public post on Facebook, it can be shared thousands of times but can take a while to see results. Showing the right ad to the right audience will speed up your results.

So, how long do Facebook ads take to see results?

Facebook Ads can take anywhere from seven to sixty days to show results. Some ads will not show results as quickly as others. Ad results are based on:

  • Ad budget spend per day
  • Your audience
  • Your product offering


Finding the right combination of all three will get the quickest results with Facebook ads.

If your ad is being shown to the wrong audience, it will not produce good results. For example, kids’ clothing should target parents of a certain age, not younger college students. 

There is a suitable audience for every type of business/product. You just need to figure out who will be buying your product or using your services. 

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How Long Should You Run A Facebook Ad?

The average time you should set your Facebook ad to run is for a maximum time of two weeks. The longer ads run, the more likely they are to suffer from ad fatigue or ad blindness. This will lower your sales and the number of people that see your ad.

Simply put, ad fatigue is when your ad is constantly showing on the same person’s phone, they will eventually just start scrolling past it. This can hurt you as it will not be shared as much, and even when you change the ad, people may still scroll past, assuming it’s the same ad, or they may even hide your ads.

Ad blindness is when your ad looks generic (like every other ad out there). People will assume it is the same thing they have seen before and scroll by. 

This is why it is also crucial to test what works for your brand concerning: 

  • Colors 
  • Text/Copy
  • Images


Do not buy into what some companies may say about running very long ads. Instead, keep them short and sweet at around seven to ten days to reach the most people with positive feedback. 

You will get more views and more interactions than a longer-run Facebook ad that may be looked over due to seeing it so often.

Also worth mentioning here is that we are referring to single ad creatives and not ad campaigns, which you would continue to run for longer when proven successful.


Facebook Business Manager


How To Start A Facebook Ad

First and foremost, you need to have a Facebook or Business Manager account and a Facebook page set up for your business. 

Make sure to add in all of your company’s information. You do not want to be in a position where you are getting lots of views, and people are seeing the wrong information or not being directed to your website landing pages.

Next, you simply follow the steps on Facebook to create an ad. It is straightforward;

  • Set the ad for the correct amount of time 
  • Choose the right audience for your products or services 
  • Wait for Facebook to review and approve your ad(s)


It will take time to be reviewed but should take no longer than a few days for Facebook to either approve or deny your ad. 

Once your ad is approved, you can keep tabs on every performance aspect of your Facebook page, including:

  • The number of clicks on your ad
  • The number of likes or other interactions such as sharing
  • The number of times the ad was hidden
  • The sales it generated
  • Who the ad is reaching


You then will simply sit back and wait as your Facebook ad generates more business to your landing page. You can change the ad at any time as you see what is working and what may not be. 


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How Do You Successfully Run a Facebook Ad?

Running a successful Facebook ad can create a large number of customers and sales for your business. However, there is a little bit of science required to creating the perfect Facebook ad campaign.

Unfortunately, not every business is created equally and will have different needs. Therefore, it’s essential to keep in mind that Facebook ads will vary for those who only need views compared to those selling products. 

There are different goal settings on Facebook ads, and it is relatively user-friendly, as mentioned above. Let’s look at two of the most important things that you should take into consideration.


Who Is Your Target Audience?

This should be pretty easy to figure out for yourself. When you start a business, you most likely know who will be buying your product or services. So target that group and only that group, to begin with. 

While you can cast a bigger net, it is a waste of money to show snow boots for sale to those who live in Florida. 

With Facebook ads, you can target people by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests 
  • Location
  • Occupation


Once you narrow these demographic factors down, you will have the perfect audience for your product or services. If you are unsure of who would buy your product, you can try reaching out on Facebook to see who interacts with your post.

Also worth noting here is that if you place the Facebook data tracking pixel on your landing pages, you can gather data and build audiences to target your ads from people similar to those who have visited your site and bought from you before!


Facebook ads


What Type Of Budget Do You Have?

Knowing your budget is just as important as knowing the audience. You do not want to toss a lot of money at an ad when you get nothing in return. 

The perfect ad will cost money, but the sales and post interactions will make up for the cost. Exposure is everything for businesses. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows where you are or sees the product, you will have no sales.

Facebook Ads can run for as little as $1 a day. This can be pumped up all the way up to thousands+ of dollars per day. It all depends on your needs and what works for your business. 

The ad budget will be a lot of trial and error as you decide what works for you. It is best to run weekly ads starting under budget and slowly building up when you get a profitable return on your ad spend. 

While $50 a day may work for some businesses, others may only need $5 a day to see results.


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Running Ads on Facebook for Your Business

Creating the right Facebook ad for your business is not as complicated as some may think. However, there may be some trial and error. After all, there always is when starting a new business. 

You will need to see what works and what doesn’t. In no time at all, your Facebook ad will be generating results and helping to grow your business. With Facebook, you can scale your ads massively, providing you maintain the profitability, of course.

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