Getresponse vs AWebber

GetResponse vs AWeber – Which Email Service Is Best For You?

Email marketing is still one of the highest converting marketing tools available to you. In fact, you can make over a 4000% return on your initial investment!

With results like that, you want to make sure you choose the best email marketing software.

In this GetResponse vs AWeber head-to-head, we will show you how they stack up and compete with each other. If you have any kind of business, you will need email marketing software that you can depend on.

After all, the email campaigns you will be running will lead to you getting a massive source of income and nobody wants to leave money on the table if they can avoid it.


GetResponse vs AWeber - Which Email Service Is Best For You?


Instead of sending out emails manually, or using free tools that may lead to your emails going straight into spam boxes, you should go with a trusted SaaS email marketing solution such as GetResponse or AWeber.

These are two of the best in the email marketing game, but how do you choose between them?

Let’s dive into the GetResponse vs AWeber debate and settle it, once and for all.



GetResponse considers itself, quite rightly, to be an all-in-one marketing solution. This SaaS provides seamless integration with enterprise software like ClickFunnels and Leadpages.

GetResponse includes extensive analytics, as well as lead management. The price points are fair, and the tools that are provided aim to help you increase sales and conversions.

When you need top-level functions and features, GetResponse is a great choice.

If you are a small business start-up or solo entrepreneur, with Getresponse, there may be more here for you than you initially need but the great features are there for you when you need them.

You can check out our full GetResponse Review for a more in-depth look if you’d like for info.





AWeber is laser-focused on being an email marketing tool for small businesses or entrepreneurs just getting started. If that’s you then this may be more up your alley and suit your needs.

Unlike GetResponse, which features a CRM tool, if you lack one, AWeber would be a good choice.

AWeber seamlessly integrates into various types of software, just as GetResponse does (ClickFunnels, Leadpages, etc).

With AWeber, you also receive easy-to-use email templates, exceptional customer support (even phone support), and AMP compatibility.

Emails sent using AWeber look great on Gmail’s mobile app for example. Another nice aspect that AWeber offers is that no matter which subscription tier you select, you will have access to all the features it has.

Speaking of features, let’s compare what features do GetResponse and AWeber offer us.


AWeber Homepage


GetResponse vs AWeber – Which Email Service Is Best For You?

So then, what do you get with GetResponse and AWeber when it comes to features?

With GetResponse, you may well notice that the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

There is a setup wizard that will help you with anything you may have trouble with.

If you already have a previous contacts list, you can import it as a CSV file instead of adding it manually, which saves you a lot of time if you transfer over.


GetResponse vs AWeber – The Features

In GetResponse you can create the following:

  • Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Autoresponders
  • Landing Pages
  • Contacts Lists
  • Email Automation (welcome series etc)

All of these can be done very quickly and simply and it’s easy to create custom fields as well. This all-in-one email marketing solution gives you a wide range of features that simply are not available on AWeber.

Of course, lots of features can also mean getting overwhelmed, especially when they are features you don’t even need.

When you log into AWeber, you are greeted with a dashboard that gives you a neat and simple look at your mailing list subscribers, as well as newsletters you have recently sent out.

Since AWeber is just focused on email marketing, all the extra features that come with GetResponse are absent.


Perfect Timing


GetResponse vs AWeber – Templates & Design

Depending on what your email goals are, your emails should look aesthetically-pleasing and relevant if you run a branded e-commerce store or simple text if you are writing a niche newsletter to engage with your subscribers.

The good news is that both GetResponse and AWeber shine in this area. There are plenty of templates to choose from, which can be customized to fulfill your needs and achieve your desired look and feel.

With GetResponse, you receive access to 500 templates. AWeber offers a massive 700 templates.

GetResponse provides you with a landing page creator, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Every template will be responsive, meaning it will look great no matter what device is used to look at them.



When it comes to fonts, GetResponse lets you choose from hundreds of Google Fonts, whereas AWeber does not. Both let you stay within “safe” fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman.

This is worth considering if you have a preferred font to keep things congruent with your website or brand.


Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email


GetResponse vs AWeber – Reports & Analytics

Reports and analytics are incredibly helpful in determining what is working and what isn’t in your email marketing campaigns. With this data, you can make the right decisions for your business.

Both AWeber and GetResponse track the usual things like open rates, CTR (click-through rate), the unsubscribe count, and much more.

All this is provided visually in both service providers, although GetResponse has more customization options available.

If you use Google Analytics, you will be thrilled to know that GetResponse makes integration very easy. This means you can compare your website’s analytics with your email marketing stats.

AWeber provides you with pre-built reports with keen insights into how well your email marketing campaigns are doing.

There’s also a mobile app that makes it easy to review how your campaigns are doing when you don’t have access to your computer which is quite handy.


GetResponse vs AWeber – The Prices

Now that we have covered some features that set these two email marketing solutions apart, you’re probably wondering how much each of them costs.

Both GetResponse and AWeber are SaaS platforms, which means that they require a subscription to use them. Each of these has multiple tiers and both also provide a free trial.

That’s great as you can try out each service to see which one suits you better.


GetResponse Price

GetResponse currently has its lowest tier offering priced at $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

The Getresponse Plus tier runs at $49 for up to 1,000 subscribers and the Getresponse Professional tier goes for $99 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

The rates go up from there, depending on how many subscribers your mailing list has.

There is also a Getresponse Enterprise solution if you have over 100,000 subscribers on your mailing list. This tier will run you back $1,199/month. Unlikely you’ll be needing this to get started though!


GetResponse Pricing


AWeber Price

AWeber’s lowest tier offering begins at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers. The service tiers then increase incrementally, depending on how many subscribers you have on your email list.

If you have up to 25,000 subscribers, you will pay $149/month. If you have more than that, you can contact AWeber for a custom quote, depending on how many subscribers you have.


AWeber Pricing


Wrapping It Up

Which Email Service Is Best For You?

By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of which email marketing solution is the right fit for you.

Generally speaking, if you have a large business, you should probably go with GetResponse. If you an entrepreneur or have a small business start-up, AWeber may be a good place to start.

Whichever one you choose, you will be getting a quality email marketing solution that will help you boost your sales and lead efforts.

You can get free trials of both GetResponse or AWeber, so why not test them out for yourself and get the one you like.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this article useful.

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