Get Traffic To Your Website Without Ads

11 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Without Ads

OK, so you have a website, but you need some traffic. Fortunately, you can get traffic to your website without having to pay for ads.

Whether for a top multinational or a small home business, a website needs to have high-quality traffic to be considered successful.

More traffic means more audience and more customers. 

There are many free, white-hat, organic, and intelligent ways to boost traffic to your website without ads. Keep reading to learn how to get free traffic that converts.



Why Getting More High-Quality Traffic To Your Website is Important

Your website’s traffic is an essential indicator of how your website is doing. It also helps you grow your business.  More traffic for your website means more popularity and more chances for growing bigger.

An online world is a necessary place to grow your business fast. Hence, a website becomes a prerequisite for most businesses, small or big. A website with plenty of high-quality traffic is the primary goal.

In addition, your website traffic can show you how well your current marketing system is working. This will also help you make positive changes to your marketing.

Your website traffic helps you understand your audience better. For example, through traffic analysis, you can see what your audience wants to see more of. Increased traffic to a website helps improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having a higher search engine credibility will increase your viewers. 

All in all, more traffic gives you more leads, more conversions, and ultimately more customers. You want to increase your website’s traffic and grow it in an organic and quality way.

Fortunately, there are many strategies to help you with this, so you don’t have to pay for ads to increase your traffic naturally.


How To Get Free Traffic That Converts…

See below to find 11 different ways to get free traffic to your website without needing to pay for ads. Try these traffic generation methods to boost visits and get more conversions.



11 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Without Ads



1. Use Social Media Platforms To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Using social media to get traffic to your website is a bit of a no-brainer. Nevertheless, the power of social media for businesses is often overlooked.

Social media for your website not only increases traffic but can help you create a sense of community and appear more authentic to your target audience.

Social media is already a part of a website’s system through link sharing. Your responsibility is to be active on your social media platforms. 

You need to make the most of multiple social media platforms, not just one. This includes Instagram, Facebook Page, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Linked In, etc.

Of course, the best platforms for you depend on the nature of your website. Still, Instagram and Facebook are suitable for almost any website. 


Here are some essential tips to remember when creating social media platforms for your website:

  • Open a Facebook Business Manager account, and not a new log-in
  • Have your profiles complete, with pictures and a bio, before you share them with anyone
  • Have your social media links on your website’s main pages
  • Have your website link on each of your social media profiles, ideally each bio
  • Have a “Facebook Like” on your website pages, ideally on the top sidebar
  • Use hashtags appropriate for your website


You need to post regularly to each of these platforms, have visually appealing profiles that match your website, and make sure to engage with the comments and messages left by others. 


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2. Use Pinterest To Increase Page Views

Pinterest is great for driving traffic for many kinds of websites. Though it is a form of social media, Pinterest works a little differently than traditional social media.

Pinterest is a visual platform. This visual appeal, rather than community engagement, is the main thing that helps website owners. 

It can take some time to get the hang of Pinterest, as it functions differently from other top social media. However, it is not difficult to use.

Moreover, you cannot look over the high amount of traffic Pinterest can ultimately bring to your website. Pinterest can be your most important traffic source, especially if your website’s content matches aesthetic images.

For example, websites about food, travel, beauty, parenthood, houses, gardening, DIY, and so on can reap a lot of benefits from Pinterest.

You can use your personal Pinterest account or create a Business Pinterest account for your website.

A Pinterest business, however, is recommended due to the free business feature it provides. Make sure you post images on your Pinterest that are in alignment with your website. 


Here are the things that help your Pinterest bring a crazy amount of traffic to your website:

  • Catchy titles and captions
  • Beautiful and relevant images in the correct sizes (735 x 1200 pixels)
  • You can use Microsoft Powerpoint or Canva to make your Pinterest images
  • Use your high-quality images or free stock images
  • Add short key captions in the images
  • Pin your interest images on your website posts
  • Have the right keywords, as you would for SEO
  • Have boards, for your images, with amazing descriptions
  • Make your images match the fonts and colors of your website
  • Background images and text should be contrasting each other in color
  • Link your Pinterest images to your website 


Once you get the hang of Pinterest, you will have a creative and enjoyable way of adding traffic to your website.

Pinterest does not increase traffic for your website right away; it takes a bit of time. It is somewhat a slow process but a trusted process nonetheless.


Pinterest Logo

3. Put Quality Content On Your Website

A website with quality content attracts more viewers and also helps old viewers keep coming back. This helps drive traffic.

You want people to click on your website, and then you want them to keep coming back to your website. So ideally, you want the content on your website to attract people.

You want people hooked, so they scroll through your website, bookmark your website and recommend it to their friends and families.

You should offer quality content to build trust and authority in your niche. 

These are some main ways to provide quality content on your website:

  • Have relevant content, such as blogs and other posts
  • Include keywords in the content you post, this helps SEO too
  • Do your best to give useful and helpful information to your target audience
  • Provide new posts regularly, as this helps with SEO as well
  • Have one freebie or a few freebies on your website, and make sure they serve your target audience 
  • Find online groups or other websites that have the same niche as your website, and see what the people there are focused on


If you feel a bit stuck with making quality content for your website, just put yourself in your target audience’s shoes.

Ask yourself…

  • What are their needs?
  • Where do they feel lacking?
  • What kind of transformation are they seeking?
  • What’s something small that will improve their needs?
  • What do they want to hear, or what do they want to see? 


Your audience is busy and has a lot of websites they can look at, but what will your website give them that they actually want and need? For example, you can create quality articles, blog posts, or free ebooks or podcasts. 

Ideating quality content may take some time and effort, but the results are worth it. When your audience enjoys what you give them, they will keep coming back for more. They will also become loyal customers.

All of this will help to increase your website’s traffic. 


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4. Find Relevant And Attractive Media For Your Website

Images, videos, and interactive media help with engagement online. People are attracted to visual appeals, and they also remember things better if relevant and captivating visuals are given. As a result, media helps greatly in getting website traffic. 

You don’t want to just use text on your website. Instead, throw in a colorful picture, a fun infographic image, or a short video with catchy music every now and then.

Media helps you get creative and is also more shareable, eventually increasing traffic for your website. 

When uploading images, just make sure you are using pictures that won’t lead to copyright issues. You can upload images that you took yourself and use free or paid stock images. This page mentions many free stock images. 

A great video or a good image may also help you create quality content. Reading a lot of text is tiresome and easy to skip over, especially in the online world where people’s attention is short.

Media is a fun and exciting way to benefit your website and get traffic. 




5. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

A website should look good on both desktops and mobile screens. When building and designing a website, it tends to look appropriate for a desktop. However, they must be compatible with mobile phone viewing as well.

This will increase viewers and drive traffic through both computer and mobile phone users.

In fact, most website traffic originates from mobile devices or pads. This is because people are with their portable gadgets throughout the day. In addition, social media and such, which help drive website traffic, are also used often on mobile phones.

You should also know that mobile phone viewing compatibility is crucial for ranking highly on search engines like Google.

So, for good SEO and overall website traffic, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. You can take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to know if your website is acceptable for mobile phone viewing right now. 

You should also view your website through your mobile phone and take your time to see if everything looks alright.

As you do this, you can slowly figure out what to add and what to remove to make your website more appealing and helpful for mobile phone viewing. 


6. Guest Blogging Increases High-Quality Traffic

Guest blogging is where one website’s written content is posted on another website. The guest blog helps the main website get more attention by linking it to another (more popular) website.

This improves SEO and attracts potential viewers or customers. 

Guest blogging is a great way to create bonds between other websites while getting traffic for both your website and the website you have your guest post on.

The more popular website receives viewers through the guest post while helping you have a solid first impression on new audiences. 

Guest blogging is a powerful technique. Guest blogging can help your website discover by people who may not find your website through other ways.

In addition, as a more established website is posting your blog for you, your authenticity is strengthened because it shows that you are working with a respected expert. 

Therefore, make sure you have your guest blog post on a trustworthy and established website whose niche matches your website’s niche.

Here are some tips for finding the right website to share your guest post:

  • You can Google the ideal websites by searching for “your niche” and “blog guest post”
  • Know your website role models that have a similar niche; their target audience should overlap with your target audience
  • The role model websites should have high traffic, but you can start with websites that are less popular at first
  • Go through the website role models and look over their guest blogs and their most popular posts, so you know what they prefer
  • Write a guest post that gives a strong and welcoming introduction for your website, but also serves the audience of the role model websites. Make the writing style similar to their other guest posts or their most popular posts
  • Make sure there is a link to your website in the guest post
  • Engage with the role model website’s social platforms
  • Send your guest blog post to the role model websites. Share to many websites as not everyone will respond or accept a guest blog post
  • Never plead for them to share your guest blog post
  • Having a guest blog post on websites that have strong social media platforms works even better for you
  • Engage with comments of your published guest blog post


Guest blog posts are fantastic for you, the website that shares it, and the target audience. It truly is a win-win situation.

It might be hard to get your guest post published at first, but do not lose heart. Make sure the guest post you write is aimed at the target audience, is transparent, and tells authentic stories.

Also, make sure your post has a captivating title and is easy and fun to read.


Guest blog



7. Use Good SEO Tactics To Help Boost Your Website Traffic

SEO or Search Engine Optimization tactics are a must for your website performance.

Having high search engine optimization, without a doubt, increases your website traffic. Of course, SEO takes time, but you should work actively regularly for your website’s traffic.

Some SEO tactics are already discussed above: posting high-quality content, having active social media, guest blogging, etc. 

Here are some other things you can do to improve your website’s SEO:

  • Write brief meta descriptions for your website pages
  • Give alt-text image captions for images you upload on your website; Search engines cannot see your images, they can only read the alt-texts
  • Use sufficient keywords in every post for your website, including long-tail keywords
  • Have full sentences for the headers on each of your website posts
  • Give related posts, links to other pages of your website, under each post
  • Have internal links. When you have many posts on one topic on your website, and you link those posts to each other, Google will think you are an expert on this topic so your SEO improves
  • Have backlinks too. If you have great content, other websites will share your link on their websites or their social media. This boosts your SEO.


Meta descriptions show beneath your URL in search engine results. When someone knows what a page is about, they are more likely to click on the website. This drives traffic to your website. 

Backlinks refer to links for other websites that link back to your website. This is basically what guest blog posts do.

However, you can have backlinks other than guest blog posts too. For example, you link someone’s website in your post while they post your website link on their website. 

SEO takes time, but SEO is crucial. At first, you won’t see a big difference, but it will make a big difference as time goes on. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more traffic you will be getting on your website. 



8. Be An Active Member Of Your Website’s Community

Connection is essential for many things, including driving traffic to your website and making money from your website. One of the best ways to do this is to be a part of the community that your website serves.

With that sense of community, you will understand your target audience better. Hence you will be able to provide free and paid content that your audience will love.

Moreover, your audience will feel your presence to be more “friendly and casual” than “serious and formal”; this is very important even if your website niche is serious and formal. 

Here are great ways to become actively involved with the community of your target audience:

  • Help other people out, through quality content, freebies, or simply by leaving kind or helpful comments
  • Reply to emails you receive
  • Respond to any comments and messages that you get
  • Share posts of other people in the community, on your social media, or your website
  • Genuinely be kind and useful in any comments or words you post
  • Show your face, through videos or images, on your social media so the community can see you (or the website team). Humans like to see other humans, and your website will be remembered better this way
  • Have role models in the same community. This works as inspiration for you and makes you a better learner
  • Be a friend to your current and potential audience


Now, let’s look at the next method of getting traffic to your website without ads.





9. Actively Write On Forums To Help Drive Traffic To Your Website

Forums are wonderful ways to get recognition for your website. You will be directly giving information related to your website to people who are actively seeking it.

Online forums may be a little old-school, but they can help you get traffic for your website. You will be sharing the knowledge and content of your website while also advertising your website on the forums. 

Here are a few ways to use online forums to your advantage:

  • Understand and follow the forums’ rules and regulations
  • If you cannot post your website link, you can still mention your websites domain name if the rules allow
  • If possible, share your website link on your signature line
  • Post on the forums that show up first on search engines, that way you’ll be reaching more people
  • Genuinely help people, rather than being spammy, on the forums
  • Avoid trolling, this will just give you and your website a bad name


Forums are a less common way to drive traffic, especially as forums are less popular these days. However, forums can work for your website in the word-of-mouth form of advertising.

Therefore you should give it a try to increase website traffic, you could view forums like Reddit and Quora in a similar way to social media. This will be more or less relevant depending on your niche.


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10. Do Email Marketing For Your Website

Email marketing cannot be overlooked for driving traffic to your website. However, unlike social media, no one can “follow” your website. They may bookmark your website or remember your website domain name, but that does not encourage them to regularly check your website.

Email marketing allows your website viewers to stay connected to you and your website. The emails they receive, from your website, serve similarly to social media notifications.

Without email marketing, your website will end up lost even to people that love your website. 

You want to regularly send out a newsletter, a minimum of one biweekly, to stay in touch with your audience and keep driving traffic. You can also send promotional offers and more through your email. 

Make sure you give helpful information that your audience wants in each email. Avoid sending too many emails or being spammy because that will annoy even the most loyal viewers.

Have bite-size and catchy email titles too. Always link your website in each email. 

Not everyone will sign up for your email newsletter when they see your website. In reality, most people won’t go near the email sign-up button when coming across a new website. However, you can entice them to sign up anyway through freebies. 


Email Marketing
Email Marketing



11. Create A Freebie On Your Website

Freebies are fun and, well, free. If you offer valuable freebies to your audience, you can easily have them sign up for your website email newsletters. Moreover, freebies make your website more memorable and more shareable. 

An opt-in freebie is like a mini transaction, they join your email list, and in return, you give them something nice for free. A freebie, fortunately, can be almost anything. 

What kind of freebie you want to offer depends on the nature and goal of your website. Here are some freebie ideas:

  • Checklist (e.g. travel packing checklist)
  • Video tutorial (e.g. how to start a bullet journal)
  • Infographic (e.g. figuring out emotions infographic)
  • Workbook (e.g. dreams and goals workbook)
  • Cheatsheet (e.g. gamer’s cheat codes)
  • 20-minute coaching call (e.g. relationship coaching)
  • Email course (e.g. how to start a blog course)
  • Templates (e.g. beginner’s calligraphy templates)
  • PDF Guide (e.g. self-reflection journaling PDF)
  • Discount count (e.g. seasonal gift codes)
  • Live Webinar (e.g. time management webinar)
  • Spreadsheet (e.g. financial tracking spreadsheet)
  • Printables (e.g. back to school stickers)


What’s excellent about freebies for your website is that the ideas are endless. A freebie can be of any form, and you can even provide more than one freebie. Your responsibility is to make freebies that serve your target audience.

Once you have made your freebie, make sure you promote it properly. Come up with an appealing and appropriate name for your freebie. Use fonts and colors that match your website to promote your freebie.

Don’t forget to add your website’s domain name and logo to the freebie promotion. 

Make sure you give the freebies as an opt-in for the email newsletter and email marketing. You can also share your freebie email opt-in links on your social media, in blog posts, on the bars of your websites, and in Facebook or Reddit groups.

Freebies are fun to make and a great way to drive traffic to your website. 

Wise words said by Krita Dickson, “Take a few minutes to decide on the best format for your freebie. Then it’s time to come up with a fun name! You want your title to be catchy, intriguing, and memorable while still being simple enough for people to remember.”


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Final Traffic Boosting Thoughts

There you have it, eleven ways to get traffic on your website without ads. These strategies require some thinking, effort, and time but it is always worth it.

These tips will help you gain loyal traffic and not the “hi-bye” low quality type of traffic. This form of traffic is good for your website and your business.

Remember, increasing authentic traffic the organic way does not have overnight. It happens over many nights, where energy and effort of planning and hard work play in.

However, this continuous process will promise you successful website traffic over time. 

Thanks for reading; check out the BSF blog for more content.


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