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The Basic Elements Of A Sales Funnel

Competition online these days is fierce! Knowing the basic elements of a sales funnel is a must.

You simply must have a great sales funnel to succeed and earn the most profit from whatever you are promoting.

If your sales funnel is weak, your potential to win (and profit) will be much reduced and all of the hard work you put into your product or offer will be in vain.

Don’t panic and keep reading.

I will be covering the basic elements of a sales funnel to help you maximize your effectiveness.


Elements Of A Sales Funnel



Lead Magnet Squeeze Page (Landing Page)

First, you will need a good squeeze page or landing page.

A squeeze page is a Web page that tries to persuade the viewer to take action.

This can be done in various ways, like offering something valuable like a write-up, ebook, or software program for free in return for contact information like a name and email address.

The person gets the exciting free gift or information and you get their contact information to follow up with.

This may differ if you are selling a physical product, where you will want your squeeze page viewer to be persuaded, by your well-written copy, to buy right there and then.

You can get more info and get a free trial on a great landing page service here.


Sales Funnel Follow Up Emails

Using a good, email marketing practices, you then send follow up emails that ‘warm-up’ your potential customers and show them why your product is what they need.

With time and familiarity, the potential customer will come to trust you and your recommendations. You can then direct them to another squeeze page that has your product or service ready to buy.

Do not spam your leads with trash emails you will only lose customers. Send them some valuable messages that will help them with something.

For more info on email marketing, check out our Top Tools For Building Your Email List article.


Your Main Offer (Sales Page)

If you have mastered the previous elements your potential customer is now at your main product sales page.

Your sales copy must be convincing enough to showcase the value and usefulness of your product to convert your lead into a customer.

What problem will be solved? How will I feel when I have purchased this product?

You will need to paint the picture and make sure your potential customer knows the answer to these questions.

If you want more info on landing page copy checks out this blog post here.


The Up-Sell Down-Sell (If Appropriate)

During the customer checkout process, you can decide if the customer will be shown one or more up-sells or one-time offers.

This is usually an enhancement of your main offer that provides extra value.

You can offer a number of up-sells in a good sales funnel, all of which will provide extra value to the customer, which in turn, will provide increased profits for you, the seller.

If your customer does not like the look of your up-sell offer, you can choose to present a down-sell offer.

A down-sell should also offer extra value and should complement the main offer, similar to the up-sell previously rejected but at a lower price than the previous up-sell.

You may not want to have too many up/down-sells if you want to have your customer purchase something from you again at another time.

A good relationship with your customer should always be maintained.

Hidden Content


Launch And Analyze Your Funnel

After confirming your sales funnel is working perfectly, launch it into the world.

Promote it through email marketing, social media, paid advertising, forums, joint ventures.

Analyze the elements of your funnel that are working well and do more of that.

Make any changes to your sales funnel and improve its profitability and what you will learn from this analysis will guide you and save you a lot of time on your next project.


Wrapping Up

The Basic Elements Of A Sales Funnel

The basic elements of a sales funnel will have a good squeeze page or landing page, a quality email follow-up to convince your prospect to visit your main product sales page.

Your main product sales page should have a quality persuasive copy and your checkout process should include a combination of up-sells and down-sells to add value to the main product.

Maximizing the value for your customers should maximize your profits but be wary of not overdoing things if you want your customers for the long term.

I hope by now, you know what the basic elements of a sales funnel and I hope you found this information useful.

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Thanks for reading.


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