Are Landing Pages Bad For SEO? How To Optimize

Are Landing Pages Bad For SEO? How To Optimize

SEO is as much an art as it is a science. However, high rankings on search engines like Google typically mean more clicks and more conversions. The key to conversions is a well-designed landing page that is also SEO optimized. 

So are landing pages bad for SEO?

Landing pages that are not optimized hurt your SEO rankings as much as helping your conversion rate. You must optimize your page to rank high enough to drive traffic to the landing page. Getting users to your landing page is the goal.

Landing pages differ from most web pages and need special considerations. Therefore, achieving both high SEO rankings and drive visitors to the all-important conversion is presents considerable challenges.

Finding the right blend of SEO optimization and critical selling points can seem at odds, but we’ll show you how to manage both with a few tips and tricks.


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How Do I Optimize A Landing Page For SEO?

Optimizing landing pages for SEO isn’t difficult. Your content must be fresh and current. Remember, conversions are the goal.  Manage the length of the page for optimal results.  Structure your page correctly. Optimizing SEO for your landing pages adds a new dimension to your landing page design.


Keep the Content Current And Unique

A lack of unique content is a flaw of many landing pages. Often, page designers, faced with duplicating landing pages for different locations, will replicate much of the page content and change a minimal amount of content. 

Each landing page should have at least seventy-five percent unique content. For example, Google will begin to ignore pages with excessive duplicate content. As a result, those landing pages will never show in the search listings. Therefore, creating SEO-optimized unique content for each landing page is critical for success.


Keep The Goal In Mind When Writing Content – Conversions!

SEO is essential, but don’t forget why you are attracting visitors to your landing page. The whole reason for getting them there is to convert that visit to a sale. Along with optimizing the page for SEO, the skilled landing page creator can also deliver an informative and compelling message that results in a click-through to conversion.

Simply repeating the same message over and over down the length of a landing page is not good SEO practice. It probably doesn’t make the best conversion ratio either. Talented industrial or technical copywriters who understand SEO can build landing pages that entice visitors to follow through with their interests.


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How Long Should The Landing Page Be?

Word count and page length are big topics of discussion. However, in general, long-form landing pages work better for SEO and perform well for conversions. Google web crawlers tend to notice pages of 1,500 words or more. The web crawlers often overlook shorter form pages.

Some studies show that long-form landing pages perform as well as other varieties in conversions. Much of deciding how long to make a landing page should go back to research and analysis. You may try several versions of the same landing page and see which performs better, given the SEO is comparable.


Educate Your Visitors As Part Of Your Sales Pitch

For some complex concepts or products, an element of education as part of your landing page is beneficial. Educational style landing pages often help persuade shoppers to convert to buyers when they learn more about your product or concept. 

Educational content can also help with SEO. Again, the use of key terms and concepts are perfect places to up your optimization. For example, suppose you expect users to search on industry-specific keywords or phrases. In that case, educational content is an ideal place for this content.


You Must Optimize Correctly

In the end, your landing page must be correctly SEO optimized to function in the search rankings effectively. So remember the critical SEO basics and make sure your landing page follows a few simple rules.

  • Properly construct all your headers and title tags following SEO conventions
  • Use the full capabilities of your meta tags and descriptions
  • Properly format all URLs used in links in your content


Copywriters skilled in SEO can help with these critical elements in your landing page content. However, never neglect the best practices in optimizing your content to increase your rankings on the search engines.


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What Are The Basics Of A Good Landing Page Plan

In general, a good landing page is much the same as any target web page for SEO. The concept of click conversion is often the same. Target pages seek to pull visitors deeper into the content of the webpage. The goal of landing pages is to convert the visit to a sale. 

Here’s a fun stat from AhrefsThe average top-ranking page also ranks in the top 10 search results for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords.

To successfully address both SEO optimization and conversions, you should design your pages with these factors in mind.

  • Present your content concisely and get to the point early. 
  • Be factual in your presentation. Where necessary, back up your assertions with facts and figures.
  • Don’t write from a content writers’ point of view. Write as if you were the prospect and consider the questions and information a potential customer has.
  • Use lots of sub-headings. Shorter sentences read better and work better with many visitors. Build interest that will lead to further investigation of the webpage.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action. Ask your prospective customer to make the decision. Lead them through the conversion step-by-step to a qualified close.


These foundational concepts of landing pages can be SEO optimized. As you build a successful landing page, you can incorporate the necessary SEO optimization without much effort. 


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SEO Ranking And Landing Pages

The best landing page on the internet will fare poorly in conversions if no one ever sees a link to the page. Studies have shown that a growing majority of purchasers use internet search engines as their first point of contact.

If you can’t rank your landing page in the first five or six listings on the major search engines, your chances of making a reasonable conversion rate are slim. The only landing pages that are bad for SEO are the ones that don’t optimize for SEO.

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