6 Of The Best Chatbots For WordPress

6 Of The Best Chatbots For WordPress

Many people are now used to chatting online to get some information they need to help them decide if they want to buy a product or service. However, what many people do not realize is that they are actually chatting with a chatbot!

Since WordPress is the most used platform for building websites, I will refer only to the best chatbots for WordPress in this article. Some of the chatbots may be used on other platforms but still need to be modified to your needs.

Chatbots come in many shapes and sizes, so I’ll cover several chatbot solutions that are known as chatbot builders. This means that the chatbot will need to be implemented and adjusted to your specific requirements. 


Top 6 Best Chatbots For WordPress Websites


facebook messenger


1. Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms ever. Over the years, when businesses started building their company pages on Facebook, customers have developed a habit of looking for answers on the FB platform. Even nowadays is still unavoidable if you want to build a solid online presence.

If you ever looked up a business Facebook page, you have likely talked to a chatbot, maybe without even noticing it.

Facebook messenger bots quickly became very popular because they are straightforward to integrate and use. In addition, customers often trust Facebook, so the integration has been a real success.

Facebook Messenger chatbot is the most advanced solution you can find on the market, and it is free to use. The only thing you need to have is a Facebook page and account. 

This chatbot is a must if you have an e-commerce business. E-commerce is all about efficiency and online presence, so you cannot go wrong with the Messenger chatbot.

Before you can use a Facebook messenger bot, you will need to set it up. This process is relatively simple, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a programmer to embed it into your WordPress website. Once set, the Facebook Messenger chatbot will be able to carry out more than just simple questions. 

Suppose you feel you need help setting up the chatbot. In that case, many third-party chatbot builders can help you by simplifying the process, making it quicker. Also, you can connect the chatbot to multiple pages if needed. 

The Messenger chatbot is integrated into WordPress via numerous plug-ins you can find available. The process of setting up the chatbot is done through Facebook or third-party apps, so once you incorporate it into WordPress, you have a finished product ready to use.

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2. Botsify

Suppose you feel like your customers are likely to need human assistance in the end. In that case, Botsify is a lifesaver for your business. It offers something called human integration. 

Basically, how this works is that your customer is chatting with a chatbot. If the customer is not feeling happy with the answers, you can request human assistance. 

Botsify instantly notifies you and the appointed members of the team, so you can act quickly and solve the customer’s issue.

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Botsify is more advanced when compared to a regular chatbot that is based on keywords because Botsify can be programmed to be triggered by phrases or specific patterns. This all depends on how you have programmed it, of course.

In general, Botsify works on the conversation flow principle, meaning that you will need to create diagrams of how a conversation will most likely happen. This is why it is vital to have as many possible scenarios predicted to reduce human assistance time.

Botsify can be implemented into WordPress by using a plug-in. If you have more programming experience, there is also a JavaScript snippet available for copy and paste. 

The cost of using Botsify varies and depends on how many chatbots you need and how many unique visitors your website has. The basic plan is $50 per month and is perfect for up to ten chatbots and 30,000 visitors.

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IBM Watson


3.IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is one of the most advanced solutions offered nowadays. It has two main options. The first one is to integrate with the most popular platforms, including Facebook and Slack.

The second feature is more interesting – it can be connected to IoT (Internet of Things) to create a chatbot that can genuinely serve as an assistant. This chatbot is not a simple solution and is a more advanced option. You should use IBM Watson to upgrade your service if you feel like it is time for the next step. 

Several plug-ins offer integration with WordPress, and the best-working so far is Chatbot with IBM Watson. You can also do some customization with this plug-in, so you can choose the appearance and placement of your chatbot.

The most fantastic feature about IBM Watson is that you get hands-on experience on machine learning, with all the standard features already included.

Suppose your customers are not satisfied with the answers they get from the bot. In that case, there is an option to talk to a customer service agent who can effectively answer the question instead.

It may be a little bit of a hassle to get to and set up IBM Watson Assistant. To use it, you need to purchase a Plus plan with IBM, and to do that, you will need to contact their sales department to get a quote. 

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4. Landbot

This chatbot is perfect for beginners. It is effortless to configure because it uses the standard conversation flow principle. Even people with no background connection to programming can quickly figure out how to set up a chatbot with Landbot.

By far, it is one of the most visually appealing solutions you can integrate into your website. There are several custom animations and styles you can choose from. Also, Landbot allows you to add a GIF to your answers.

Landbot is more for businesses that are not required to be very strict and formal. With Landbot, you will get a fun and creative experience, so it is perfect for everyone who would like to build an informal connection with their users.

The good thing is that Landbot allows integration with platforms like Slack, so you can easily connect these two features. 

On the other hand, this chatbot does not have the same depth capacity as others on this list. You cannot expect this chatbot to understand and give responses to more complicated questions. 

Landbot is free to use for up to 100 conversations per month, so it is suitable for a testing phase or small business that doesn’t face many inquiries per month. Once you go over this number, you should consider buying a plan or switching to a different chatbot.

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5. Tidio

Tidio is a mix of live chat and chatbot options. You have the option to chat with your customers, and once the Tidio recognizes you are offline, a chatbot will take over. This is perfect if you still have some spare time to invest in answering your potential customers.

Tidio is easily integrated into WordPress and offers several options, including connection to emails, live chat, or Facebook Messenger. Even a Tidio mobile app allows you to track the process and occasionally connect and chat with your users when you are on the go.

The chatbot itself is very easy to build, and it works based on the conversation flow principle. The interface is very intuitive, and the chatbot itself is easily integrated into WordPress by using a plug-in.

One feature that makes Tidio stand out from other chatbots is that it offers language support for more than 183 languages. More than 21 languages are already pre-translated. This is perfect if your customers are not tied to a specific region and are spread worldwide. 

Tidio is free to use, but there are not many options for customizing how it looks. You can change some basic things like the pop-up window color, but the possibilities pretty much end there.

However, do not disregard the advantages. If you find Tidio a good fit for your website design, you should definitely go for it. 

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Screenshot 2021 06 26 at 15.34.31


6. ConversioBot (My Personal Favourite)

If you have more interest in conversational marketing than customer service queries, then ConversioBot could be what you’re looking for.

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ConversioBot is a conversational interface for your website. It talks to your visitors, boosts their engagement, and drives conversions.

If you have a landing page for email sign-up or sales, you can add a ConversioBot chatbot to help your chances of conversion.

No coding skills are required, and it’s really easy to set up, with only 3 steps;

  • Select a customizable chatbot template or create your own.
  • Copy the code for the template in step 1
  • Paste the code on your WordPress site (or ClickFunnels, Shopify, Leadpages, or any HTML site)

Not only is it easy to use, but ConversioBot integrates with major email and CRM services like GetResponse, AWeber, and ConvertKit in just a few clicks.

ConversioBot is an excellent choice and powerful tool if you are selling anything online or marketing through email. There are two pricing tiers: the Lite at $35 per month and the Pro at $47 per month.

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I’m Still Confused. What Is A Chatbot?

With chatbots, you can reduce the amount of time you spend online conversing with your customers. Chatbots can help you if you have a lot of inquiries regarding some general issues customers may encounter.

Not only can chatbots help you with customer service, but they can also help your conversions when added to your sales funnel!

Chatbots are different from live chats – in a live chat, you have a specific person answering a customer’s inquiry, but with a chatbot, you actually have a computer program answering the questions being asked.

If you are facing many inquiries simultaneously, a chat bot option may be the right for you. It would be physically impossible to answer all your customers’ messages via live chat, assuming that you have many visits. 

The best way to get your customers to trust you is to offer support 24/7 and to show your online presence. The best way to do this is via chatbot. Studies have shown that websites with chatbots tend to have higher conversions than sites that don’t.

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There are two main approaches to using a chatbot;

  • The first approach offers guided answering, meaning that a chatbot will provide the possible answer based on keywords in the customer’s message. Another way to drive this type of chatbot is by guided-questions approach, where the customers are answering a chain of questions. Then based on the answers, a chatbot formulates the most viable solution to their problem.
  • The second approach uses machine learning, meaning that you will regularly feed the chatbot with data insights. This also means a lot of work since a chatbot requires constant updates. Without them, the answers they would provide may not be correct.



Funny Chat Bot


Chatbot Pros + Cons

Just like any other tool, chatbots also have some pros and cons. Although chatbots provide some answers, people are still aware they are talking to a robot, and not everybody likes that. Some people even prefer live chat over chatbots. 

Some people actually prefer to use a chatbot instead of waiting for a service agent to get back to them. This is why chatbots are designed to answer more than 80% of standard user queries, meaning that only around 20% is transferred to an agent.

One of the most significant advantages of a chatbot is that it can significantly increase customer satisfaction by reducing their time waiting for an answer. We live in an era where we can find any information we need almost instantly, so having to wait is not an option anymore. 

Smaller companies can benefit from chatbots because it will save them precious time. Time they could instead use for the development and implementation of new products, services, and technology. 

Larger companies can cut costs significantly. If the chatbot is implemented correctly, they could save, on average, up to 30% of operation costs.



Wrapping Up

Although it is fantastic to have a chatbot on your website, if you cannot afford to implement it the right way, it is better not to half-ass it. 

A bad chatbot that is not working well will frustrate your customers. You will suffer a high bounce rate since your site will be looking very shaky or unreliable, giving wrong or misleading information.

Another thing you need to be careful about. If your chatbot is good but unable to answer specific questions, make sure that you have an option to transfer the customer to a live agent. Without this, you are still not solving your customer’s problem. 

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