21 Best Email Capture Tools 2021 Guide

21 Best Email Capture Tools – 2021 Guide

If you want your business to be successful online, you must explore your marketing and advertising options. One of the most potent lead generators that can bring many conversions is email marketing. But to be able to do it right, first, you need to create a base of emails that belong to your potential customers. 

The best email capture tools can be divided into pop-up tools, online quizzes, landing pages, and WordPress tools. All of them have different platforms and plug-ins that are designed to offer something of value to the potential customer in exchange for their email.

Once you create an engaging email marketing campaign, you can use the email database you have collected to convince those people to buy what you are offering. 

First up we have pop-up tools…


Pop-up Tools 


Sleeknote is known for having the best visual builder you can find on the market! 

It is straightforward to design and create a pattern that will fit your brand’s visual identity. However, Sleeknote is much more than just a helpful design tool.

You also have the option to choose when and where your pop-up will appear so that you can plan your presence online very carefully. As you will know, too many pop-ups can harm UX (user experience).

The newest feature offered includes A/B testing so that you can optimize your pop-up bar to the maximum. Sleeknote also has built-in Google Analytics integration.

Monthly membership for Sleeknote starts from $69 for a basic membership plan



One of the best tools for pop-up builders is OptinMonster

The tool has one of the largest collections of pre-built themes, so you can choose from numerous designs. Also, you can create your design by using HTML or CSS, if you would prefer. 

Pop-ups can be segmented thanks to the automation tool that allows you to strategically place certain pop-ups depending on your target group. A/B testing is also available. 

OptinMonster can be helpful regardless of the size of your company, so it is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. 

The basic monthly membership starts at $9 and goes all the way up to $29 for a premium plan. A premium plan gives you access to all the features that are available in the software. 


Mail Munch

One of the best pop-up email capture tools for smaller businesses is Mail Munch

This tool gives the best results for growing business, where traffic is still yet to peak. Mail Munch comes with various templates you can choose from, so there will be something to suit your business image. 

Mail Munch also offers A/B testing options. However, bear in mind that this tool is the best for smaller websites. Also, Mail Munch provides integration with several email marketing services so that you can connect easily with other services you use. 

Regarding the subscription plan, the basic plan that offers limited features is free to use

Other membership plans that will unlock access to more valuable features can cost from $6.99 to $13.99 per month



Optimonk is not designed only for pop-ups – you can create slide-ins and spin to win competitions as well. 

It is up to you to choose the best type of pop-up that will attract the attention of your targeted audience. Then, of course, you can easily integrate it with all major email marketing services. 

The basic version is very useful and, most important of all – free to use. This means that you can try out Optimonk for free to see if the features and the interface suit your needs. 

Premium membership options are between $29 and $199 per month.

One thing that makes Optimonk really stand out is how deep you can go with your segmentation. The analytics are also very detailed. It can even help with abandoned cart issues by activating pop-up messages triggered whenever someone tries to leave the cart page. 



Wishpond is an all-in-one marketing service package. This includes everything from pop-ups to landing pages and email. 

One interesting feature offered by Wishpond is the so-called full-screen takeover pop-up. Visually, this type of pop-up can look really good and be very effective. In addition, you can choose from lots of templates available.

The Wishpond interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Everything can be efficiently designed and changed by using a drag and drop system. This makes it suitable even for beginners.



Kyleads is an integrative tool that allows you to use pop-ups in more ways than just to capture emails. 

This tool allows you to use pop-ups as CTA (call to action) campaigns where you can choose to promote specific pages, events, deals, or whatever you choose. 

Also, KyLeads can serve as a powerful segmentation tool since it offers a creative and fun way to get to know your new customers. By using quizzes, you can quickly gather information about your subscribers and transfer them into usable statistics. 

The look of the pop-ups can be fully customized to fit the image of your brand. In addition, the price of $50 per month will give you access to all the features KyLeads have to offer. 

Next up we have online quiz tools…


Online Quizzes


Interact offers a fun way to integrate pop-ups and quizzes, thus making the whole process more interesting for the visitor. 

Of course, integration with all major email marketing platforms is available. What makes Interact different is the possibility to put the quiz in the pop-up section. 

There are different types of quizzes that you can make. For example, you can create quizzes based on personality assessment quizzes, scored quizzes, etc. 

There are numerous variations regarding the type of the quiz, as well as regarding the templates. However, Interact has a large base of templates, so it is effortless to fit it into your visual identity. 

As for the pricing, the basic starting version is free, with paid plans from $17 to $209 per month



One of the biggest competitors to Interact is Riddle

It also allows you to create fun and creative quizzes to increase engagement and get new leads. Interact can be a bit repetitive, especially if you don’t refresh the quizzes regularly. 

Riddle is designed to offer you a base of 15 quizzes that spin around, so every time a visitor refreshes the page, he will see a different quiz. This is also useful if the visitors are amused by the quizzes – they will not be bored with the same quizzes.



Leadquizzes will offer you numerous possibilities for customization. Like all the other tools already mentioned, this one also integrates all major email marketing services. 

The newest feature includes the option of creating surveys. Quizzes and surveys can be built using existing templates (the template library is extensive and covers many different styles). 

Quizzes and surveys can be inserted as a pop-up. In addition, Leadquizzes supports URL redirection. Once the form is completed, the visitor can be redirected to a specific page holding specific information relevant to your visitor. 

Another great option available is the market segmentation and targeting option based on the answers the visitor gives. Again, that is valuable information that can have a significant effect on your marketing strategy. 

The monthly subscription plan ranges from $37 all the way up to $186 a month

Next up are landing page tools…


Landing Pages

The design of your landing page must be done perfectly. This is because the landing page should serve as an invitation to the potential customer to go and explore the products and services you are offering in more detail. 

A good landing page should be informative and straightforward, thus offering visitors enough information to tickle their imagination. If the visitor feels intrigued, they will generally stay on your website and find what they are looking for. 

Another thing about your landing pages is that they have to assure the page visitor that you are a legit business. It is the first contact someone has with you as a business, so your page must look trustworthy. 


Tools For Landing Pages


GetResponse is one of the most popular email tools and website builders on the market. 

The reason for its popularity lies in the simplicity of the interface and its ease of use. It allows you to create a landing page by using one of the numerous templates. If you like a more personalized approach, you can also create a landing page from scratch. 

One thing that makes GetResponse such a great platform is the intuitive drag-and-drop system they have implemented. This means that every landing page can be quickly built by adding or removing blocks around with few easy clicks. 

Besides the design itself, GetResponse allows you to set up the page to success by accessing SEO, URL, and Google Analytics settings. 

A good thing that you can do is to set up an automation process, so every time an email is captured, an automated process is being started. This can be just a simple thank you page, or it can trigger auto emails as well. 


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Just like GetResponse, Leadpages is another great drag-and-drop tool you can use to create landing pages, set up email sign-up forms, and create sales funnels. This all is supposed to help you to transfer leads into newly acquired customers. 

Leadpages is perfect for everyone who hasn’t been in touch with coding but still needs to create a good landing page without too much effort. This is actually the most significant advantage of Leadpages since it takes around 10 minutes to create an effective landing page. 


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It can easily be integrated into your website using a plug-in (using WordPress) or by copying formatted HTML.

They offer three different subscription plans. The standard plan is $37, the pro is $79, while the advanced plan costs $321 per month. 

Although it can be costly, the good thing is that you can get a discount if you take an annual plan, and there is a 30-days money-back guarantee. Also, you can cancel the plan at any time if you are not satisfied. 



A single landing page can turn a lead into a buyer, but only if it is well designed. The main idea is to navigate the visitor from the beginning to the end, ultimately turning them into customers. 

The guys at Clickfunnels have created their platform to help you assist your customer. The goal is to lead the customer to the only product or service you are offering, and while on the way, to convince him that you will solve his problem. 

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The whole point of using Clickfunnels is to capture emails and create sales funnels that will bring you sales and profit. They have a drag-and-drop interface that is very easy to use. 

Besides creating a sales funnel, Clickfunnels offer email and marketing automation solutions, upsell solutions, and 14 days free trial period. 

After the trial period ends, the standard plan costs $97 per month, while the platinum membership will cost you $297 per month.



The whole philosophy behind Unbounce is simplicity. They understand the importance of having a good and simple landing page, so they have built their UI to serve the maximum. Their main goal is to make the visitor not “bounce” from your landing pages (hence the name).

Unbounce has put a lot of effort into making landing pages look suitable for mobile devices as well. Since most leads browse the internet via their mobile phones, it is crucial to have a landing page optimized for this type of device. 

An excellent mobile phone landing page can take you a long way. So, of course, you need to take care that mobile phone users also have a seamless experience. So make sure to test the landing page on the mobiles before launching. 



Launchrock is specialized in creating landing pages for websites that are still under construction or for products or services that are yet to be added to the existing website. The setup process is quite simple since you only have to choose the visual look and the message displayed. 

Launchrock is perfect for startups that have started to build up their name before the official launching. When people visit their website, they are informed that the launch will be starting very soon. 

There are already pre-made themes you can choose from, and the library comprises many different styles and types. Pricing is also very appealing since it ranges from free to $5 per month, which is a cost even those on a tight budget can afford.


Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a very unconventional tool since it uses top or bottom-placed bars to capture emails. This type of email capture tool is most suitable for blogs and websites with blog posts since the statistics have shown that Hello Bar gives the best results on these types of websites. 

Although it is not a landing page tool per se, it can be customized to be a true lead generator, so in that sense, it can help your landing page be more converting. And that is the ultimate goal, after all. 

Sometimes it is not enough to have a good landing page, and just a simple detail in the form of a bar can really boost the results you will get. 


WordPress Tools


Bloom is offering six different options you can choose from. Each one of them is designed to test your target audience and give you statistics to have some data to work on. 

The primary tool for capturing emails is the pop-up tool, but there are also other options you can choose from like fly-ins, in-line forms, and widgets, etc.

The best thing about Bloom is that they offer 24/7 support for their users, so whenever an issue pops up, you can get in touch with their support team really quickly. 


Popup Ally

Popup Ally will help you create the best pop-ups you could possibly imagine. Besides the standard pop-up, they offer even the extra, so you can use Popup Ally to create floating bars, in-line forms, lightbox pop-ups.

Also, Popup Ally has many different targeting options. For example, you can choose the plug-in to be exit intent or time-triggered, choose only specific page targeting, and so on. Once you start using the platform, you can explore numerous customization options. 


Convert Pro

Claiming to be number one in what they do, Convert Pro drag-and-drop tool will allow you to customize your pop-ups to the maximum. 

Convert Pro has an option to edit and customize pop-ups for desktop devices and for mobile phones separately to ensure maximum efficiency. 


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a powerful form builder and lead gen tool for WordPress.

Using a drag-and-drop editor, you can create powerful sign-up forms for collecting emails and other contact information from your audiences.

Gravity also offers 30+ ready-to-use template forms and integrates with lots of other marketing tools like MailChimp, Dropbox, and Zapier.

Gravity Forms pricing starts from $59 per year for the basic plan.



Although features are minimal on this platform (compared to the others on the list), Hustle is in the top 21 email capture tools because it offers seamless WordPress integration.

You can change and adjust everything you need directly from WordPress without leaving the page to increase the speed or functionality of the plug-in. In addition, you can create pop-ups, slide-ins, forms, and many other things by using Hustle.


Ninja Pop-up

The people behind the Ninja Popup wanted to provide only the best performance for their users, so they focused on quality, not quantity. 

This means that you will probably not be able to find too many templates. They have focused on the existing templates to make them the best at what they do. 

The drag-and-drop option is available for use within WordPress, which makes it very intuitive and easy to use. You can create various forms with only one goal in mind – to help you create an enormous email base. 


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading about the best email capture tools guide. You now know what your options are and the tools available to you.


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