14 Things That Drive Engagement On Social Media

14 Things That Drive Engagement On Social Media

As with all things, you must change with the times to make it. As far as business and marketing are concerned, social media is crucial in doing this.

Creating sophisticated content and establishing a loyal following can make the difference between a successful or failing business. To create a consistent stream of engagement on social media, you need to understand what makes people want to come to your page and take an interest in the products and messages you are selling. 

So here are 14 things that drive engagement on social media


1. Know Your Audience So You Can Make Content They’ll Like

A business can only thrive if its customers are happy.

If you are selling something and using social media, you must create relevant content.

For small businesses or independent influencers, the same idea still applies. Your intended audience could be very broad or even very specific, depending on the type of social media accounts you run. So the first step to having a flourishing social media account is to produce content that reaches out to an intended group of people.  

Creating content that appeals to most audiences is preferred for anyone who wants to become more popular on an app. Broadening your audience and making relatable content will take you to the next level on social media. This might give you more engagement.


2. Establish An Aesthetic That Helps You Stand Out 

Once you know who you want to create content for, the next step is creating a theme that fits your product and/or the messages you want to get across. For example, if you are a company or small business that creates handmade dog toys, you would probably want to make your theme more inviting by incorporating graphics of cute puppies and utilizing a brighter color scheme. 

When deciding an aesthetic, there are some basic types to choose from:

  • Sophisticated
  • Artsy
  • Educational
  • Playful
  • Modern
  • Trendy

By picking a specific aesthetic, people who are interested in what your business is providing will search for your type of page for the exact things they need. Also, suppose people stumble upon your social media accounts. In that case, they won’t be confused about the information and messages you are trying to relay and might even come back and give you a follow. 




3. Coach Yourself On How To Utilize Multiple Platforms

Most often, people don’t just have one type of social media account. There are many kinds to choose from, and posting on just one social media outlet won’t get you the type of exposure you are looking for. Although every interface is different, if you get to know the apps, you can diversify your content in a really unique way. 

These are the most common social media and networking apps you can use:


Of course, some apps will be more appropriate and relevant to the products, posts, and information you are providing. You can choose which ones are better, but ultimately, using at least 2 or 3 different social media apps will expand the pool of followers to access your content. 

Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that certain apps might be frequented by specific age ranges over others. To clarify, someone’s grandparents might not have Snapchat, but they might use Facebook instead. If you want your content to reach all age ranges, it’s essential to make sure that you post on both platforms to diversify viewers’ age range and exposure. 


4. Re-post Content That Relates To Your Social Media Accounts

Other businesses and influencers might have the same type of content and products that you have. So instead of trying to outdo someone else’s content, it might be wise to scroll through other related pages to see how you can improve or even recycle the techniques that have worked for them. 

Re-posting another page’s content can help you branch out and reach their pool of followers too. Chances are, if app users like their account and what they’re doing, they might like yours too. Another possible benefit of re-posting is that the owner of this other page might be more encouraged to network with you and post your content on their page too. This type of mutual support can get you opportunities you wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. 

A word of caution when re-posting another page’s content is that fake accounts and bots are all over the internet, and content that looks legitimate might actually be doctored for a purpose. One of the worst things that can happen is that you post from a sketchy account, and the content you post online is inaccurate and decreases your credibility. To avoid this, research the page and maybe even the account owner to make sure this never becomes an inconvenience for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when re-posting another page’s content, you need to give the page credit for using their post. This can prevent future controversy and potential lawsuits if this is considered early on. 


5. Collaborate With Other Influencers And Brands To Increase Exposure

Social media offers many great opportunities to collaborate with others who share the same passion and are attempting to create the same type of content you might be. As a result, you can attract more viewers and meet people with similar interests. It’s a win-win! 

For businesses on social media, collaborating with other like-minded business owners through giveaways and product discounts can increase revenue and get more people to spread the word about the deals you are offering. Even if you are an individual, working with other people makes you look more diverse and credible. 

Here are some of the best ways to collaborate with others on social media:

  • Create products or content together
  • Have a cameo on each other’s pages
  • Recruit them as ambassadors for your brand
  • Gift them products and/or discounts


Unfortunately, social media influencers tend to follow the “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours “memo because, in an environment where content is made every minute from thousands of different accounts, it can help have a business ally on your side. 




6. Create A Unique Hashtag Trail

Every post on social media comes with the option to have one or more hashtags underneath it. This tag attachment works in the same way that a tag on a website does when it organizes specific topics together. Thus, if you search up a particular topic, you can find a grouping of similar posts right at your fingertips. 

Social media apps use this same technique when grouping posts together. Most interfaces allow you to look up a theme, and if you use hashtags, your posts might show up on someone’s search page. The great thing is you can use as many hashtags as your heart desires, increasing your chances of being seen even more. 

The trick to using hashtags is to pick unique and simple tags. The most common tags are the ones that people are going to be looking for. For example, there are advantages to having a tag line for your company name or brand because if someone knows your brand by name, they can use that tag to find your posts in the sea of other posts. 

In all other cases, keeping your hashtags short and sweet will land you at the top of someone’s search bar, which is exposure in its purest form. 


7. Stay True To Your Brand’s Message

Consistency is vital when it comes to content on social media. Accounts that have a clear message are the ones that people will have a reason to visit. Also, the message matters. Even if you have an independent social media account, what you post can be seen by anyone who has an account. 

To keep your message from being misunderstood, it’s crucial to do these things:

  • Repeat your message often: If you incorporate the same message, product, or theme in your post in new and interesting ways, it’s less likely that someone can misinterpret it. 
  • Using relevant facts and statistics can make you more trustworthy: Believe it or not, science and statistics are a great way to increase credibility in your content and/or product.
  • Don’t let critics discourage you into changing your message: The truth of social media is that you can’t please everyone. There are going to be people that don’t like what you are posting. If your brand changes too much you might lose more people or might lose interest yourself. 


If you feel that the content you create can reach or inspire someone, then continue producing it. The world of social media can be brutal to navigate sometimes. Still, it can also do many great things if used with the right intentions. 


8. Create Quality Content That Means Something To Your Followers

The business and more casual side of social media only work to your advantage when you keep a continuous flow of followers engaging with your page. The type of page you run doesn’t matter as long as you make content that means something to someone. It doesn’t always need to be inspirational. Still, maybe it needs to be educational or funny, depending on the type of page you create. 

For example, suppose you are an up-and-coming performer who wants more people to come to your shows. In that case, you should post your talent and make it dramatic, awe-inspiring, and inspirational. This will give others out there a reason to come see you out of all the other performers posting their content. 


9. Adapt Your Social Media Content Over Time

Over time, different trends will flood social media, and jumping on the wave of new trends can make your content more relevant and with the times. This is important for anyone with a social media account who wants to attract followers who closely monitor what’s popular on the app. If they like your page, they might re-post your content, which is another excellent way to get more viewers. 

You might think that adapting to new things is scary, or it might take your account in the wrong direction, but that’s totally normal. Change can be a big thing but, being too predictable can get old very quickly. So, to avoid being somewhat simple or possibly even boring, it helps to be sensitive to changes on social media and just go with it. 

The birth of many creative and unique ideas came from people who took a risk and did something different for the chance that it could make them stand out. If you take the same risk, it could skyrocket the success of your account and benefit your brand as a result. 


10. Monitor Your Social Media Stats To Know How Well You Are Doing

Social media stats can be used to your benefit throughout the whole process of you establishing yourself on various apps. Just like any regular person does, you can see how many likes, followers, and shares you get on all your posts. Over time, the goal is to increase your overall amount of social media involvement and feel satisfaction and encouragement to keep up the excellent work. 

Keep in mind, though, becoming fixated on likes, follows, and shares you have can be detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing.

The reality is that your social media engagement and stats won’t always remain consistent. Instead, you will reach points where it will either be high, low, or just steady.

A key thing to remember is that if you have the confidence and the will to keep producing content, you will attract more people and maybe find a niche that works well for you and gathers a substantial following. Goals are essential to set early on but shouldn’t become an unhealthy obsession. They are meant to help you and guide you on the path to improvement. 

With most things in life, there will always be a balance between achieving and facing difficulties. The key is to continue improving and building, so you can know what it truly means to grow and make something special. 




11. Run Polls With Your Viewers To Collect Useful Feedback

Social media apps are becoming more advanced in how you are allowed to interact with your followers as a content creator. One of the best ways to know what someone wants is to just ask them, and polls will enable you to directly ask your followers what their preferences are.

Let’s say you are an influencer, and you post a thrifting segment on your page and/or blog. For example, you might ask your followers if they prefer to see a try-on haul or a thrifting giveaway on their Depop. If you put the question out there, people will respond. 

Making your followers feel heard is one of the quickest ways to earn their engagement and loyalty. They want to feel like real people and not just icons on a screen. Also, giving someone the chance to choose can make them prefer to see your content over someone else’s. 

When collecting feedback, you can get a feel for what people want to see over other things you post. In this way, you will never have to question if the content you are producing will respond well to your followers because they already told you it would. 


12. Use Graphic Design Interfaces To Amp Up Your Visuals

Graphic design interfaces becoming more user-friendly is fantastic for anyone who struggles with technology and all its intricate advancements. No matter what you use social media for, whether that’s for selling, buying, creating, or using content, you can always appreciate professional-looking graphics.

Some of the basic graphic design interfaces you can use are:


Interface Name: Subscription Price: Free Trial Offer: Level of Difficulty:
DesignWizard $9.99/month Yes Easy
Wix Free N/A Easy
Canva Free N/A Easy
Adobe Illustrator $20.99/month Yes Difficult
Inkscape Free N/A Moderate
Gravit Designer Free N/A Moderate


It’s wise to keep in mind that the difficulty and price will vary between the different interfaces. Of course, you might prefer to use one over the other, but you won’t know which to choose until you try them all. The good thing about most of these applications is that they offer free trials and enough time to see which one you like best. 

Visual content can be in videos, images, presentations, brochures, and so much more. These interfaces can enable you to reach all audiences and make content that’s more visually appealing. 


13. Interact With Your Followers Often To Maintain Engagement 

Social media makes it a lot easier to contact and message others. Not to mention, you can answer someone quicker than you would in person or over a phone call. Also, most social media apps now have direct message chatrooms. You can privately chat with anyone who has an account on that app. 

One thing to remember is that with direct messages come possible privacy concerns for any individual. The good thing is that built-in security procedures can prevent someone from spamming you, and you can choose to block them entirely. 

Besides the minimal privacy aspect, interacting with followers can make you stand out from other brands and businesses. Most brands usually don’t reach out to their followers or respond to their direct messages.

The worst thing that you can do is pretend like your followers don’t exist. If you take the time to reach out to them, you not only might make their day, but you also are showing you appreciate their support just as much as they love your content. 


14. Utilize Content Calendars To Stick To A Consistent Posting Schedule

Believe it or not, followers like consistency just as much as content creators do. People like to see different kinds of posts, and if you post at the same time every week, it gives followers a set time to tune in to your page. Variety will always be your friend because posting the same thing over and over again can get boring very quickly.

To keep it fresh, it’s best to settle on the specific types of posts you want to create first and then make them exciting and new each time. Once you figure this out, you can organize the posts into a content calendar. This is a typical virtual tool used like any other regular calendar but explicitly customized for influencers, businesses, and other content creators to help them keep track of their postings. 

Some content calendar applications and templates commonly used online are:

  • Loomly
  • Canva
  • Monday Marketing
  • Airtable
  • HubSpot
  • Trello
  • Evernote


Content calendars aren’t only visually appealing, but they can also keep you on track with what needs to be done and when. Another great plus is that most templates and applications are free, so you don’t have to worry about an extra cost. These are just a few things that might make your job ten times easier in the long run. 


Enjoy The Process of Content Creating on Social Media

From the big company’s down to a single individual, social media is used by everyone for various reasons. Still, the thing these people all have in common is a will to reach the public through their posts. The best way to get people to view and connect with your content is to have a purpose and love the process of posting content. If people see you are enjoying yourself, they will come to love it too. 

I hope you enjoyed reading 14 things that drive engagement on social media. Check out the BSF blog for more actionable content.

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